Top 10 Christmas books for kids

10 December 2017

Nothing beats snuggling up on Christmas Eve, tree lights twinkling, as you read a great festive story together. From old family favourites to some new releases, here are our top 10 Christmas books for kids. Which one will become your new Christmas tradition?

Gingerbread Christmas

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Jan Brett

Gingerbread Baby and his friend, Matti, take his gingerbread band to the Christmas Festival where they are a hit until the aroma of gingerbread reaches the children, signalling that it is time to run away. Clever Matti uses snow to disguise the gingerbread instruments while Gingerbread Baby leads the audience on a merry chase to the smartest hiding place ever – a giant Christmas tree.

The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold

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Maureen Fergus

Santa has a problem. This kid? Harold? Santa doesn’t think he’s real. He WANTS to believe in Harold – after all, Harold is one of the most magical parts of Christmas. Getting Harold’s letters, eating the cookies he leaves out, feeding his carrots to the reindeer… what would Christmas be without that? But Santa’s just not sure. Some of his friends are telling him they think Harold’s not real. And the Harold that sat on his knee last Christmas looked AWFULLY different. Santa comes up with a plan to find out once and for all if Harold really exists… with hilarious consequences.

Auntie Clause

161205 christmasbooks3

Elise Primavera

Auntie Claus is just another eccentric New Yorker – or is she? Young Sophie has often wondered about her unusual great-aunt, Auntie Claus. She lives in penthouse 25C at the Bing Cherry Hotel and is so curioso! After all, Auntie Claus serves Christmas cookies all year long and her tree is always the best-decorated in the city. And then there's her annual “business trip”, right around the holidays. This year Sophie is determined to get to the bottom of Auntie Claus's mysterious ways. Put on your mittens and bundle up for an adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

Trouble with Trolls

161205 christmasbooks4

Jan Brett

Treva’s trouble with trolls begins when she climbs Mount Baldy with her dog Tuffi. The trolls who live there long for a dog, and they try to kidnap him. But Treva is brave and quick-thinking. She outwits one troll after another until she reaches the very top of the mountain, where five trolls are waiting – and they want her dog!

Stowaway in a Sleigh

161205 christmasbooks5

Roger Mader

Slipper can’t seem to stay put. In Roger Mader’s latest installment, Santa finds an unexpected stowaway on his sleigh. When Mrs Claus lets the cat out of the bag, Slipper must once again find her way home.

Olive, the Other Reindeer

161205 christmasbooks6

Vivian Walsh and J.otto Seibold

Olive is merrily preparing for Christmas when suddenly she realizes "Olive... the other Reindeer... I thought I was a dog. Hmmm, I must be a Reindeer!" So she quickly hops aboard the polar express and heads to the North Pole. And while Santa and the other reindeer are a bit surprised that a dog wants to join the team, in the end Olive and her unusual reindeer skills are just what Santa and his veteran reindeer team need.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

161205 christmasbooks7

Karma Wilson

Bear's friends are determined that he's awake for Christmas and they get him up from his hibernation on Christmas Eve. Bear is excited to experience the holiday with his friends and tries very hard to stay awake, helping to find the right Christmas tree, making mint tea and singing carols. Finally, though, it's his friends who have fallen asleep – and Bear Stays Up! He makes food and presents for his friends, not noticing that Father Christmas has also come to visit. Christmas morning dawns bright and happy for all!

Maisy’s Christmas Presents

161205 christmasbooks8

Lucy Cousins

It's so nice to give your friend a present at Christmas time, don't you agree? Maisy thinks so! When she comes back from her shopping trip, she has presents for everybody! Help Eddie, Charley, Talullah and Cyril unwrap their wonderful gifts by lifting the flaps. Then help choose a special present for Maisy by turning the wheel – what surprise will she get? Or what surprise will you get, all for yourself? You didn't think Maisy would forget you, did you?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

161205 christmasbooks9

Dr Seuss

“Every Who down in Who-ville liked Christmas a lot… but the Grinch, who lived just north of Who-ville, did NOT!” Not since “’Twas the night before Christmas” has the beginning of a Christmas tale been so instantly recognisable. This heartwarming story about the effects of the Christmas spirit will grow even the coldest and smallest of hearts. Like mistletoe, candy canes, and carolling, the Grinch is a mainstay of the holidays, and his story is the perfect gift for young and old.

The Polar Express

161205 christmasbooks10

Chris Van Allsburg

A young boy, lying awake one Christmas Eve, is welcomed aboard a magical trip to the North Pole...Through dark forests, over tall mountains, and across a desert of ice… the Polar Express.

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