Dreamworld For Pre-schoolers

24 August 2015

“Too much fun for just one day”… I can verify that this is true, even if you only are only doing the rides that are appropriate for little kids.

We went along to Dreamworld to take a look at the new ABC KIDS WORLD (which is fantastic by the way), thinking that we could do a very comprehensive review of everything there was to see at Dreamworld for Pre-school kids. One day was a little unrealistic, so we spent two days RUSHING around to try to fit everything in.

Now, when I say pre-school kids, I mean our little vertically challenged friends who are under 120cm in height. I remember a time when this age group wasn’t well catered for at theme parks… but this is no longer the case.

If you’re thinking about buying season passes, then this review is for you, you’ll see how much there is to do for little ones!

Height Guide

To give you a guide, when looking at the ‘standard’ growth charts of kids, the average 7 year old sits on the 120cm line.

Obviously there will be younger children who are taller, and older children who will be shorter, but this review if focusing on all of the things to do at Dreamworld for kids under 120cm.

If they are over… great… they can do all of these things too, plus more.

Things to do at Dreamworld for kids under 120cm

The best way to get an overview of how much there is to see and do for pre-school kids is to watch our video below. Keep reading our review for all of the information.


Dreamworld is partitioned into several themed areas, ABC KIDS WORLD is an amazing new area just for little ones, it’s packed with fun things for toddlers, and will be enjoyed for kids up to around 6 or 7 (depending on their daredevil status and height!)

One thing that you really must note up front (and commit to memory) is that exhausted parents everywhere will love the ABC KIDS WORLD Fun Spot. If you haven’t sat down and eaten a meal in peace for the past 2 years, go and find what you want for lunch and bring it back here.

With tables and chairs out the front and only a single entry / exit point, I remember taking my two year old twins to Dreamworld regularly, JUST to sit and eat in peace.

This little area is quite simple, but safe for little ones, has great visibility and is a place for parents to sit and relax… Mothers Groups – take note.

During our review we spent about 4 hours in the new ABC KIDS WORLD (with twin 5 year olds), and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bananas in Pyjamas Fun Maze

A new addition to the theme park, the Bananas in Pyjamas Fun Maze has no wait times and kids can run through at their leisure.

Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship

A pirate ship on the water that kids can walk through, it contains little activity centres.

Play School Art Room

The Play School Art Room is an area for kids to have a little quiet time on iPad like devices playing ABC apps.

Dorothy’s Rosy Tea Cup Ride

The tea cup ride is an oldie but a goodie, kids can enjoy a rather mild ride by sitting back and having a little spin, or speed things up by turning the centre piece.

Children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

Big Red Car Ride

This is a slow ‘drive through’ ride that is suitable for young kids who enjoy Wiggles music, love Dorothy and Wags the dog.

Suitable for quite young children. Children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

Wiggles Big Red Boat

A fantastic ride for little ones, just like a pirate ship for little thrill seekers of the future.

No height restrictions. Children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.


Not a ride as such, an area for kids to have a play while parents chill out and enjoy lunch or a coffee.

Take a look at the chairs and tables out the front… a fantastic place to enjoy your lunch.

Note that there is a very child friendly Parents Room just inside.

Ready Teddy Go

Whilst it’s free to have your photo taken, you’ll need to pay for the photo. Kids sit against a green screen to have their photo taken, then they are transformed into one of their favourite ABC settings.

Hop and Hoot

A very gentle version of the giant drop. There is no ‘dropping’ as such, the kids bounce along to Giggle and Hoot music.

Very cute!

DreamWorks Experience

The DreamWorks Experience section of the theme park is really the next step up from ABC KIDS WORLD.

A lot of the rides and attractions can be enjoyed by children as young as 12 months old, but some of the rides are a step up in pace!

All of the rides in this area (except Pandemonium) are suitable for quite young kids, with a few of the rides suitable for only those a minimum of 110cm. If you’re a theme park fantastic like myself, you’ll know which band your child falls into… and when they reach these bands.

My twins were 110cm at age 4, one twin is 120cm at age 5… they are on the tall side though.

The DreamWorks Experience includes themes such as Madagascar, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and more.

See below for a run through off the pre-school friendly rides and attractions.

Mad Jungle Jam

If your children like play centres, they’ll absolutely love the Mad Jungle Jam.

Full of soft balls, the kids load up various firing devices, aim, shoot and fire.

Note that this area is quite noisy (not that the kids seemed to notice!)

Honestly, I ALWAYS have to drag my kids out of here kicking and screaming, they’d happily spend 2 hours having a play.

Children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

Dronkey Flyers

There are two pretty cool features of the Dronkey Flyers.

Firstly, there’s a button inside that allows kids to control their height (touch the button and you go up, let go and you’ll slowly go down to the ground).

Secondly, parents can go on with their children (it’s a tight squeeze, but I remember going on with my 2 year olds, a little thrill for them without being too scary).

Over 12 months old, children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.


A Shrek themed merry-go-round.

Over 12 months old, children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

Puss in Boots Sword Swing

A nice sized swing, big enough for the kids to love it and not so big that Parents are terrified!

Over 12 months old, children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

1 person per seat, maximum 77kg.

Skadoosh Bumper Cars

Located in the Kung Fu Panda section, whilst kids over 120cm can drive, some seem to get themselves a little stuck at times.

The attendants helped them out of it, but a few of the young but tall kids spent quite a bit of time “bogged”.

Minimum 120cm to drive, Minimum 100cm for passengers

Gingy’s Glider

Something completely different! The kids are lying down on their tummy and go around quite high.

Over 110cm

Escape from Madagascar

A roller coaster for children, be aware that children on the younger side will probably need some help getting settled into the ride.

Whilst the minimum height is 110cm, if you have a tall child watch it go round once before lining up… mild thrill seeker ride!

Height restriction: 110cm – 195cm

Madagascar Show

Lots of dancing, the Madagascar show goes for about 20 minutes.


Within the DreamWorks Experience section of the Dreamworld there are also various places for the kids to play.

There’s a section where they can practice their Kung Fu and some surprise water spurts.

Family Rides

The following table shows other areas throughout the park that young children (and old!) will enjoy. These are the “family friendly” activities, suitable for most age groups (i.e. over 12 months old).

Rocky Hollow Log Ride

A family favourite, the Log Ride seats up to 4 people within 2 sections (i.e. 2 on one seat and 2 on the other).

Kids won’t need too many cuddles until the end, at which point there’s a big drop and a big splash. Be prepared to get a little wet!

Minimum 12 months old, children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

Thunder River Rapids

The Thunder River Rapids has a few mild scary scenes scattered throughout the caves. You will get a little wet (depending on which seat you’re in) but don’t worry, there’s a drying machine to dry you off!

Children under 120cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Vintage Cars

The Vintage Cars attraction goes for a few minutes, drive on a track using the accelerator and brakes.

Probably a good idea to go on with the kids until they are old enough to understand where they are meant to not stop and where they are meant to stop!

Children under 120cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Over 120cm to drive, minimum 12 months old for passengers

Kevil Hill and Zombie Evilution

The Kevil Hill and Zombie Evilution attraction is basically laser tag, but inside a two storey building.

On special occasions this is turned into a ‘scary’ attraction, so pick your moments!


A pay per use games arcade.

Dreamworld Express

The Dreamworld Express timetable is shown at the 4 stations, but leaves mostly on the hour and on the half hour.

Prams fit in the very last carriage, not only is it a nice ride around the park, but it’s actually useful for saving yourself a bit of a walk between different areas of the park.

Dreamworld Corroboree

An interactive walk through area providing an educational opportunity on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Dreamworld Cinema


Even after spending two days at Dreamworld we didn’t have enough time to watch all of the animal shows.

Get up close and feed the Kangaroos (and pay to have your photo taken with a Koala), head to Tiger Island to watch a show, there’s also Sheep Shearing , Crocodile feeding and various other animals to visit.

For the bigger kids

Whilst not specifically focused on little ones, some of the rides below allow small children to go along as passengers. We’ve included this section so that Parents who also have older children can see what other rides Dreamworld has to offer!


($7.50 for 30 minutes – there are a lot of bodying boarding sessions during the day).

Mick Doohans Motocoaster

Minimum 130cm for motorbikes

Minimum 110cm for sidecars

V8 Supercars Redline

$10 per session

1 driver (minimum 110cm)

1 passenger (no restrictions)


(120cm – 200cm)

Note that there are two ride options, depending on which line you choose, one goes upside down, the other goes ‘very’ sideways.


Minimum 120cm


120cm – 200cm

The Claw

120cm – 200cm

The Giant Drop

120cm – 200cm

Tower of Terror II

120cm – 200cm


120cm – 200cm


120cm – 200cm

Tail Spin

120cm – 200cm

In Summary

If you’re thinking about getting a season pass, there’s PLENTY of things to do for parents with young children and given Dreamworld is divided up nicely with some areas just for little kids e.g. ABC KIDS WORLD it’s actually really easy to keep track of multiple children and have an easy and enjoyable big day out.

With a nice split between rides and relaxing play areas, it really has the perfect balance for keeping young children entertained.

Head to the Dreamworld website for more information.

Written by

Karen Ghidella
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