Goldpin Bowling for Kids

16 July 2015

Have you ever taken young children tenpin bowling?

We all know that school aged children and adults have a great time, but we’re pretty predictable… our fun comes from knocking down the pins.

Our video will give you an idea of what the Goldpin locations are like, and also show how much fun it is for young kids (2 - 5).

The thing that’s so special about taking a 2 to 5 year old bowling is that there are HEAPS more things that amuse them.  They get excited:

When they see the ball popping back out of the ball return.

The fact that they get to roll the big ball down a big hill (the bowling ramp)

Watching the pins fall over (whether they did it or not) and watching the machine at the end of the lane pick-up the pins and put them back down again.

Playing the arcade games and listening to the music…

Looking at the animation on the scoring monitors …

It’s simple really… kids love playing with toys that have balls in them.

Take a young child bowling and you are letting them walk into one huge big giant toy… to be a part of it AND… you are playing the whole time with them!

Bowling with young children

There are 3 things that take place specifically for children that make bowling child friendly:

1. The Gutter Bumper Rails

At all Goldpin Bowling centres the gutter bumper rails are automated to come up when a child is bowling (i.e. if you choose to do so at check-in).  This ensures that there will be no gutter balls, instead, a “bad bowl” will result in a fun zig zag journey with a surprise ending.

2. Bowling Ramps

On each bowl, kids have an option to bowl like grown-ups, to hold the ball in two hands and (usually) slowly launch it down the isle or to use the bowling ramps provided.  The bowling ramps not only help kids line the ball up, but for those kids who like to be independent, they may need a little help getting the ball up onto the ramp, but they can push it down all by themselves… and it will be fast… just like the grown-ups!

3. Children’s Bowling Balls

When you’re choosing the ball you’ll find that there are some lighter balls with smaller holes specifically for children.

Other Features

EVERY Goldpin Bowling centre has a café and arcade style games. 

Different food is available at the difference centres if you’re planning on staying for a meal, make sure you look-up the location website to see if there are any bowling / food packages running.

I’ve taken my kids (twin 5 year olds) bowling 8 times in their short lives and it’s become a tradition... we always finish with some arcade games.

Also note, some of the Goldpin Centres have additional features, e.g. glow in the dark bowling or putt putt.  Check the centre’s website (there are links below) for additional options.


Upon doing this review I did a quite comprehensive search to understand the price of bowling in the Queensland market, versus other forms of children’s entertainment.

Firstly, each of the Goldpin Centres are family owned, so the pricing is different from centre to centre.  Saying that, when comparing them to other bowling centres, you’ll struggle to find a better price than their centres!

Secondly, the price of a morning out is very similar to a play centre.  After looking at various play centres Queensland I found for one adult and two children aged 5 and under it would cost roughly $20 to $30 to visit a play centre for the morning.  The price of bowling falls within the same range, $20 to $30 for an adult and 2 small children (both ranges exclude food).

Don’t forget to book ahead on their website and while you’re there … CHECK FOR SPECIALS!


Goldpin Bowling centres are located as low as Tweed Heads all the way up to Cairns. 

Find a centre here:

South East Queensland

  • Suncity Tenpin - 8 Mari Street, Alexandra Headlands
  • Caboolture Bowl & Mini Golf - 207 Morayfield Road, Morayfield
  • Strathpine Hyperbowl - Westfield Strathpine, Gympie Road, Strathpine
  • Chermside Hyperbowl - Westfield Chermside, Gympie Road, Chermside
  • Sunset Superbowl - 531 South Street, Toowoomba
  • Mt Warren Lanes - 148 Mt Warren Blvd, Mt Warren Park
  • Go Bowling Ashmore - 137 Currumburra Road, Ashmore
  • Coolangatta Tweed Tenpin - 55 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads

Northern Queensland

  • Go Bowling Cairns - 93 – 95 Pease Street, Cairns
  • Rockhampton Tenpin Bowl - 90-100 Musgrave Street, North Rockhampton
  • Bundy Bowl & Leisure Centre - 17 Lester Street, Bundaberg
  • Hervey Bay Tenpin Bowl - 60-62 Boat Harbour Drive, Hervey Bay
  • Maryborough Tenpin - Lot 2 Quarry Court, Maryborough
  • Gympie Tenpin - 10 Potter Street, Gympie

In Summary

I’m not sure there’s any other physical activity out there that is actually appropriate for every age group… from 2 – 99 years of age… a perfect outing for Grandparents to take their Grandkids too!

Don’t forget your socks!

For prices and more details about each of the centres, visit the Goldpin Tenpin Bowling Centres website

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