REVIEW: Mummy & Me dance classes at Dance Empire

07 November 2018

Choosing activities for toddlers can often be a challenge. It needs to be that perfect balance of entertainment and fun to keep them engaged, whilst also being easy and fun for Mum or Dad!

With that in mind, we put our dancing shoes on to check out the ‘Mummy and Me’ dance classes at Dance Empire recently, to see if they could keep our KOTC-minis happily out of mischief.

The class

‘Mummy and Me’ (though it’s just as much Daddy and Me, and ‘Carer and Me’) classes are dance classes designed for younger children aged between two and three and a half years old. The sessions are designed to give the parent or carer an opportunity to join in and share in the fun.
Classes are a mix of imagery and props with songs and dancing to music, basic movement coordination, and a minor introduction to a few ballet steps.
The aim of the class is that it forms a basis for the Kinderballet program, if they choose to continue.

Dance empire studio

The environment

Super relaxed and friendly, there’s no costumes required and though children are encouraged to participate and work together with their caregiver, there’s no obligation for little ones to continuously participate if it’s one of those days.
If you have younger children who are too young to participate, they are more than welcome to come along too.
The studio is a great little venue centrally located in Maroochydore, with good parking which is safe for loading and unloading little ones.

The verdict

The classes are really fun! The music is perfect for little ones to begin to move to, and it’s a wonderful introduction to music and movement.
The teachers are fantastic with the kids, and the kids absolutely love each week with Miss Morgan!
Going with twins I was a little worried about how we would go, but there’s no expectation placed on anyone. So, as a caregiver, it was also a really nice, no-pressure session.
What we really loved is that the class runs on a Saturday morning, which is perfect for working mums, plus Daddy can sometimes do dancing with them!

Dance empire circle

Fast facts

  • Each session is 30 minutes and children usually go once a week
  • Class sizes are limited to 10–12 children per class.
  • No enrolment fees
  • No costumes or uniforms to buy
  • Free trial class available
  • 10% discount for siblings


 To find out more about the dance classes available at Dance Empire, head to

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Helen Rush
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