THINGS TO DO: The puurr-fect therapy at The Cat Retreat Cafe

11 July 2019

All mums love (aka need) good coffee. But how puurr-fect would it be if that coffee also comes with a side of cat cuddles?

Full of fur-babies ready for a pat, The Cat Retreat Café is the first Cat Café on the Sunshine Coast… and mee-wow, we are hooked!

The café is the brainchild of Tania Barton, owner of Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat – a feline sanctuary which is now considered one of the best cat boarding establishments in Australia.

‘Now that Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat is established, we wish to extend our services to include an interactive Cat Café, where we house adult cats and provide training, enrichment and extra love and care in an exclusive cat friendly environment,” says Tania.

“Patrons can enjoy the serenity of our hinterland property at our cat-themed café, which is baby and toddler friendly with a change table and toys, or they can book a session to have cake and coffee with the cats in the interactive cat environment, The Zen Zone,” says Tania. “They can also hire out the entire Zen Zone for a small group price for up to 15 patrons, where they can have the cats 
to themselves.”

“We look forward to providing the region with an experience unlike any other. We aim to be the most talked about Café on the Coast, and although the focus is on working closely with refuge cats to provide a different avenue to find their ‘forever home’, we aim to have some pretty fantastic coffee, drinks and treats!”

All the cats at the Cat Retreat Café are refuge cats, looking for a new home. The Cat Retreat Café is in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge, and a percentage of the proceeds from the Zen Zone goes to the Refuge. 

This has to be the puuurr-fect place for a cuppa after school drop-off, or for a Mother’s Group catch-up. And you’ll all soon be feline fine!

Find out more at 
or on Facebook: @catretreatcafe

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