Family Health

Safely (and happily!) introducing sport to kids on the Sunshine Coast

Want to get your little one started in a sport? Here's how!

Life Stories

Chef Matt Golinski talks about the power of slow food for kids

We sit down to chat to local legend Matt Golinksi about produce, veggie gardens and the power of slow food for kids.

Parenting Files

Grandparents, and why they totally ROCK!

Grandparents are the best! But as well as the funny faces and Nana hugs, did you know that grandparents bring a whole other level of value to our kids’ lives and childhood development?


LOCAL LIFE: Step back in time on the Mary Valley Rattler

One of our favourite kid-friendly trips on the Sunshine Coast is to take a trip on the Mary Valley Rattler. We chat to Marylouise Cartwright, Guest Experience Attendant, to find out more about...

Life Stories

Meet the mama behind the Sunny Coast Baby & Kids Market

We sit down to chat with mama behind the Sunny Coast Baby & Kids Market about motherhood, the juggle, and why pre-loved markets rock!

Family Health

Does your child have ‘text neck’?

Is your child’s posture suffering due to technology usage? Know the signs and what to do...


TRAVEL: Pet-friendly holiday destinations

Want to take a holiday with your pooch? Here are some of Queensland's best pet-friendly holiday destinations.


4 reasons to make Melbourne your next family holiday

Melbourne is a fascinating city with a bundle of kid-friendly adventures in store… and it’s the perfect destination for your next family holiday! Here’s why…


Five ways to encourage your child to be brave

One in four Australian students report being bullied every few weeks. Ahead of National Bullying Prevention Month, here's how to help your child be brave.


FAMILY TRAVEL: How to do the Northern Territory with kids

Want your kids to feel and touch and see their history in full colour? Why not consider a trip to learn about the big red rock they call home?

Life Stories

Coastal Discovery Van set to roll out across the Coast

When picking up rubbish left on Moffat Beach recently, students from Caloundra State High School were proud in knowing they were doing their piece to help the environment.

Pregnancy & Babies

How skin changes during pregnancy

Not feeling the pregnancy glow? There's many ways your skin can change during pregnancy, the experts tell us how and what post-pregnancy treatments are available.