THINGS TO DO: Great backyard games for kids

17 December 2018

There’s nothing better than the great outdoors for kids. Here are some great backyard games for kids to encourage them to go outside and play!

Cubby Houses

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A great cubby house or fort is every child’s dream – providing endless hours of entertainment and the scene of a variety of open-ended play scenarios. The range of Cubby options are limited only by your imagination, DIY skills and budget. Custom design options from My Cubby (pictured) offer modern, open plan and bright designs that are 99% UV protected to suit the harsh Australian climate.

Natural play spaces

Nature play is growing in prominence and many parents are looking to recreate the adventurous play they enjoyed as kids in their own backyards. A great way to add some natural play spaces to your backyard is to combine a range of natural materials that encourage kids to balance, get active and climb. For more tips check out our article on how to create a nature play space.


Trampolines continue to be a popular addition to Australian backyards. Again, the options are endless here with the trampolines we grew up with morphing into spring free and netted enclosures of fun. Some top tips for when you’re buying a trampoline is to look for trampolines that meet the Australian standard AS4989 (a voluntary standard). This specifies performance levels for padding and soft edges. It also requires a safety enclosure which is free of strangulation and limb entrapment hazards. More information on what to look for is available at Choice’s Trampoline Buying Guide.

Swing sets

Why escape to the park when you can swing in your own backyard. Swing sets can range from the very basic through to a whiz bang adventure playground, including a fort, slide, climbing walls and a fort. Look for quality construction and UV protection to ensure your investment lasts.

Sand pits

Sand pits are a great addition to the backyard, particularly if you have toddlers at home. Designs can range from the ubiquitous plastic clam shell through to wooden designs with inbuilt storage for trucks and sand toys. Always go for an option with a cover to keep any cat-related surprises at bay! Pinterest offers some great sandpit inspiration.


Take a leaf out of Andy and Terry’s book and look at transforming a backyard tree into a treehouse. This can be as simple as adding a reinforced platform and a rope ladder and your kids will soon be enjoying play dates with the birds while they improve their climbing skills. Here’s some more adventurous treehouse ideas from Pinterest

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