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22 November 2018

Over 14,000 Australian consumers have voted for their favourite products of the year, with a surprising number of new categories that recognise innovations in healthy and gluten free product lines. 10 wins out of a total of 50 went to new products offering healthy and allergy free alternatives to everyday food and beverage items.

Despite rising obesity, with an estimated 28 of children and adolescents in Australia deemed overweight or obese, the Product of the Year (POY) winners are bucking this trend, responding to rising consumer demands for health conscious and dietary specific foods.

One category that has become more and more popular amongst consumers is gluten free, with two categories being created this year for general and kid-friendly specific products.

We got to test out some of the winning products and some of our favourites included the Barley+Bars from Freedom Foods, the Crunchy Oat Clusters from Commmunity Co (Metcalf/IGA), and the ALDI chocolate! We were also very impressed with the ALDI Samson paper towels, and they will certainly become a regular in the Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City shopping trolley. 

Product of the Year Director, Sarah Connelly said, “I’m thrilled at the increase in innovative healthy-option products that are being made available on shelf and being entered into the Awards. It’s a trend that we’ve not seen much of before in the history of the Awards and it signals increasing consumer demand for manufacturers to innovate in these areas. These options are becoming far more mainstream and more affordable than they have ever been before.”

“A category that we have seen consistent growth in each year is ‘convenience foods’ but this year we are seeing more vegetarian easy-option foods, which simply haven’t been available before. It’s wonderful to see these dietary requirements being met by brands, showcasing their leadership in this space.”

Now in its tenth year in Australia, Product of the Year has announced its 2019 winners, with Coles scooping an incredible 11 awards, Metcash scoring 10 and ALDI an impressive 9 awards. New to the awards this year, Mars Foods were awarded three wins, as were fellow newcomers Freedom Foods, with two wins under their belt.

In its biggest year yet, the awards recognise product innovation and span across a wide range of categories including house and home; skincare, hair and beauty; home cooking and pantry; snacks and entertaining; kids; indulgence; healthy options and gluten free; and everyday staples.

In Australia, the Product of the Year seal is backed by the votes of 14,000+ consumers and aims to provide a time and money saving shortcut for shoppers, guiding them towards the very best products. 




  • Coles Finest Sourdough & Pane Di Casa range - Coles
  • Organic Kombucha - ALDI Stores
  • Coconut Water - Community Co (Metcash/IGA) 
  • Ultimate 40 Choc Brownie - Coles
  • Muesli - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Coles Ultimate Mini Apple & Cherry pies - Coles
  • Crunch Oat Clusters - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Choceur Caramel Filled - ALDI Stores
  • Baileys™ Premium Coffee Pod - Baileys™
  • Tomato and BBQ Sauces - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Nibbles - Mixed Rice Crackers - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Brie And Camembert - Soft Cheeses - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Coles Ciabatta Bread Bites/ Garlic & Cheese Pull Apart - Coles
  • Vegetarian Hot Pies, Pasties & Rolls - Coles Express Australia PTY LTD
  • Bird’s Eye Deli Range - Bird’s Eye
  • Has No Gluten Free Bars - ALDI Stores
  • Barley+ Bars - Freedom Foods
  • Uncle Ben’s Rice Cups - Uncle Ben’s
  • Coles Spinach, Ricotta & Fetta Rolls & Beef & Onion Party Sausage Rolls - Coles
  • MasterFoods Schnitzel Mix - MasterFoods
  • Ice Cream Cones & Sticks - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Coles Tiramisu - Coles
  • MasterFoods American Rubs - MasterFoods
  • Coles Slow Cooked Range - Coles
  • Dried Fruit - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Pulse Pasta - San Remo
  • Coles 4 Flat Buns 320g - Coles
  • Coles Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack Sea Salt - Coles
  • Premium Australian Jarrah Honey Ham off the Bone - D’Orgsogna
  • Coles Sweet Potato Chips - Coles
  • Greek Style Yoghurt - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Snack Bars - Messy Monkeys
  • Heinz Pasta Sauce - Heinz



  • Coles Ultra Floor Cleaning System + Wet Floor Wipes - Coles
  • Green Action Household Cleaners 500ml - ALDI Stores
  • Samson Paper Towel 3ply 3pk - ALDI Stores


Health & Beauty

  • Mix & Mask, 12 piece Botanic Face Masks - Skin Nutrient
  • Lacura Beauty 24hr Mascara - Volume or Waterproof - ALDI Stores
  • Luxury Bar Soaps - Community Co (Metcash/IGA)
  • Lacura Skin Science Renew Expert Wrinkle Smoother & Eye Gel - ALDI Stores
  • Vitamin C and Camelia Face Oil - Natural Instinct
  • Anti Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner - Natural Instinct
  • Oh SO Natural Super Food Powders - ALDI Stores
  • Healthy Kids Eye Guard Chewable 50s - Bioglan
  • Palmolive Luminous Oils Shower Gel - Palmolive
  • Gather Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser - Ellia
  • Bio-White Beauty - Enervite
  • Curash BabyCare Medicated Nappy Rash Spray - Curash BabyCare
  • First Aid Strips - ALDI Stores



  • Sustain - Nature’s Gift


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