How to Prevent Braces

16 July 2015

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We recently approached John Flutter Dental because they claimed to be able to prevent the need for braces via an Early Intervention process from around age 5, yes, even when children still have their baby teeth, however, that's just the start of treatment, the need can actually be picked up sooner... and that sounded really interesting. Anyone who has an interest in early childhood or special needs understands how much is actually going on in a child's mind and body in the early years of their lives, you can mold a child's brain (to some extent), you can mold a child's behaviour (to some extent), but did you know that you can actually change a child's facial structure, allowing your child to:

  1. accomodate the teeth they have, without extractions
  2. ensure that they grow straight teeth

In doing so, you are not only changing the appearance of your child in a positive way by ensuring that they are developing the facial structure that they were meant to have, but also improving their over all health in the process.We went along to a free information session at John Flutter Dental to find out how it works. When I say 'we', I don't just mean as Kids To Do, I took my hubby along... we also went as an interested family. 

After the information session, I went along to several of their client appointments to understand how it works, in an effort to put together some concise information and very short videos, to help you make a decision on whether this treatment might help your child.I can honestly say this is one of the most interesting services we've had the pleasure of researching, and I hope that every parent of every young child in Australia has the opportunity to be exposed to this.

Why it makes sense

This is just my opinion, as a Mum... in hindsight, before spending days and days sifting through information on this topic, I really wonder why it never occurred to me that for every other 'illness' in a child, we treat the underlying cause, yet strangely, for crooked teeth we traditionally don't do this. Instead, we treat the symptoms. We mask whatever is truly going on and head straight down the path of covering it all up and putting braces on our child.I guess I can see the similarities with acne. If a child has acne you don't simply give them makeup to cover it up, you consider hormones, diet and various other factors. If a child has a black toenail, let's say it's cosmetic only and isn't causing them any 'outward' and obvious pain, you wouldn't just tell them to keep their shoes on so as not to expose it, you'd go to the doctor and try to correct whatever is causing the problem.

John Flutter's approach to crooked teeth and an overcrowded mouth is exactly the same, you treat the underlying cause, you don't simply take the cosmetic path. I guess, again, it's not that dissimilar to acne, by treating the cause you're potentialy dealing with a greater medical issue which could provide further health benefits, along with cosmetic advantages.Please, don't wait until you have a child with crooked teeth, or a child needing extractions to understand this service, invest 5 minutes in your child's future now and watch our short videos to understand what signs to look out for, in attempt to prevent a lot more work down the track.

How John Flutter Dental Works

John Flutter's approach uses a theory that 'every child has the ability to grow straight teeth', if a child doesn't have straight teeth it's a warning sign into greater problems. However, unlike traditional orthodontics, you don't need to wait until crooked teeth or an over crowded mouth actually occurs in order to correct the facial development of the child.

There are warning signs that a child may grow crooked teeth, and the earlier you seek intervention, the easier it is to treat.To summarise it really concisely, if your child has their mouth open at rest, their tongue isn't in the roof of their mouth which means that the muscles in the tongue and lips aren't developing their jaw, therefore their jaw won't be developing 'as planned'. The child will be breathing out of their mouth and the nasal passages won't be developing properly, also opening up a whole heap of other potential health issues.Please, watch our 5 minute video for a very concise overview, it might save your child the need to get braces later in life, and improve their health!

A note for the skeptics

My husband had braces, so did his brother and sister, this always made me wonder whether our children would be more likely as a result to require braces. So I was naturally interested in BOTH a personal and work (Kids To Do) capacity, but when I told my husband he was a skeptic, I think his comments were along the lines of "yes, I'm sure it works for kids who have crooked teeth, it wouldn't have worked for me, my mouth was overcrowded, they can't fix that, you have to have extractions to fix that". 

I talked to my best friend, another ex-braces wearer, her response was exactly the same as my husband's response "I'm sure it could work for crooked teeth, but not if you have too many teeth, you cant fix that without extracting the teeth". 

I'm pleased to say that post information session, my husband has been converted and now agrees that "Yes, I can see how they could do it without extracting teeth". 

How the process can effect the appearance of your child

Have you ever felt like you can look at a person and TELL that they once had braces? I can, and I think I have a pretty good accuracy rate.

Quite a few times, I've suspected it, asked the person and have received a reply of "yes, you can usually tell if someone has had braces because their teeth are PERFECTLY straight, which isn't so natural, that's why you can tell!".

Ok, I get that, when the person opens their mouth or smiles, but I'm saying I can tell BEFORE I see their teeth. And finally, I understand why. The facial structure of a person who needs braces is actually different, however, when treated with braces, the teeth are straightened, but the facial structure remains unchanged, or it's pushed back.

If your child has crooked teeth or an overcrowded mouth, it's not their teeth's fault, it's their jaw line, yet braces are treating the teeth. Think of it this way, if a person has acne, should they simply buy make up to cover it up, that would mask the problem, but there's a better way to do it. You'd look at diet, a special face wash, hormones etc., you'd treat the underlying cause. According to Dr John Flutter, the same thing applies with teeth, to ensure that a child grows straight teeth, you fix the underlying problem, you help ensure that their jaw is of the right size to house their teeth.

And at THAT point in the presentation, I understood why a lot of people who have had braces have a look, they may have a different jaw line, even when their mouth is closed.

Check out these pictures and see for yourself. Without going into the evolution behind why humans find certain traits attractive, I think it's pretty obvious in each example which image represents our idea of beauty.

Example 1

150727 johnflutter4

Example 2
150727 johnflutter5
Watch our 3.5 minute video to understand how this really works.

The Information Session

John Flutter Dental is based at Spring Hill, they run regular Free Information Sessions to explain the process and provide you with an indication of whether their services may be suitable for your child.

These information sessions are run regularly and your child / children go to the session with you. There is absolutely no pressure in the Information Session, the kids were entertained and they DON'T follow you up afterwards to try to sell it to you. You attend. That's it. Then it's your choice to contact them if you want to move forward.For me, the idea of my husband and I attending an evening Information Session WITH our 4 year old children was a little worrying, as such, we've put together a brief video that walks you through the Information Sessions to give you all the details, where to go, where to park, what your children will be doing, what you will be doing.

In Summary

Personally, my husband and I think it's a fantastic concept and, if in the next year there's any indication that our children have any of the warning signs that they may grow crooked teeth, we'll be back there in a second. 
Visit the John Flutter Dental website to book in for a free Information Session.

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  • Guest - Diane bilsborough
    Hi am very interested in this for my 5 year old but am also concernerd about the cost of it being very exspensive :)?

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