NEWS: Electropops launches on the Sunshine Coast

09 October 2018

Many kids (and adults!) forget to drink enough water. “I found that my own children were often dehydrated and hungry after school, or after sports,” said Sunshine Coast mum, Annabel Langley. “I wanted to provide a delicious yet healthy treat for my family, yet I found it difficult to find 
a product that fitted my family’s needs.”

To address this gap, Annabel has launched Electropops. Made with real fruit juice, not concentrates, Electropops are a range of healthy, natural fruit ice blocks, full of electrolytes.

“Because Electropops get their electrolytes from coconut water and coconut powder they are very safe for kids,” explained Annabel. “As well as being great for rehydration, they are also perfect for when your child is sick, if they don’t want to eat, or have a sore throat.”
Gluten free, dairy free and made on the Sunshine Coast, they come in four fruity flavours: Pineapple Lime, Mango Passionfruit, Raspberry Coconut, 
and Pomegranate.

“With no added sugar, they are the perfect natural treat to hydrate after sport, a hot day, or even just as a yummy treat!”

Head to for more information. 

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