REVIEW: The smarTfold™ 400 - the smartest wheels in town

28 February 2018

Looking for some smart new wheels for your little one?

SmarTrike® has launched its new compact smarTfold™ range, and this fab little 7-in-1 trike is already proving to be a must-have for families with little ones.

Designed to grow with a child from 9 months to 3 years, the trike is fully foldable (down to 85% less than the original size), portable and compact enough to fit into small spaces - making the smarTfold 400 the perfect travel accessory.

This compactness coupled with the patented Touch Steering® technology and built-in shock absorbers allows the smarTfold™ to roll smoothly, just like a stroller! Meanwhile, its navigation system ensures an easy transfer from parent control to child control, providing a safe and comfortable journey.

The smarTfold™ 400 trike also includes fantastic practical features, such as an overhead canopy, storage bags, accessory tray, and seat padding. 

The 7 stages of the SmarTfold™ 400

Stage 1: Compactly folded, the smarTfold™ opens easily. No assembly required and fits conveniently into any car.
Stage 2: At 9 months, baby sits using early stage footrest.
Stage 3: At 12 months, baby switches to fold-down footrest, sitting comfortably and securely on fully padded, high-back seat with soft-padded safety bar.
Stage 4: At 18 months, the canopy can be removed as baby grows. Baby enjoys the ride whilst developing confidence, balance and motor skills.
Stage 5: At 24 months, it turns into a child training trike – a navigation button is pushed and mudguard turned to the left. Child can now control the handle bar and direction of the trike, while parent still has full control of the front wheel when pushing forward. Foot rest is pushed in and pedals are attached at the first stage.
Stage 6: At 30 months, when the telescope parent handle is closed, the product transforms into an independent trike that kids pedal by themselves.
Stage 7: From 32 months, you can remove the high back support and the child can continue their fun-filled rides.

7 stages smartfold

The smarTfold™ 400 is available to buy at Target (in green) and BIG W (in red).


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