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29 March 2015

What better way to get some free time without the kids – encourage the grandparents to put a bit of culture in the grandchildren’s lives [insert sneaky smile here]!

Our grandchildren took us the grandparents’ day out for a little culture – an exhibition by Yayoi Kusama: the Obliteration Room at GOMA. If you or your children – or better still, the children’s grandparents – haven’t seen this fantastic exhibition, here is a bit of an opportunity for some free time without the children. Hit the grandparents up to put a bit of culture in their lives along with the grandchildren – it closes on 19 April.

I work with many talented and wonderful young women, mostly mums. I see them taking their children to lots of wonderful events, all with different educational benefits hidden behind fantastic fun and big smiles. Today, it was our turn, but I am a grandparent and our experience was probably a little different. It was great to be able to share exciting things with our little cherubs.

Master 8 year old loved that he could try out is artistic skills on the interactive multimedia computer program that runs alongside the spotty room. We even had Granddad taking an interest in how it all worked. Click here for details.

We parked undercover at the State Library - $15 for parking which was the only time we touch our wallets all day. You have Queensland Museum, State Library of Queensland and GOMA all in walking distance.

150710 goma body2

We really do live in a very cool city, so many wonderful things to do with the family for free. We took a little lunchbox and drinks. Queensland Museum has Dinosaur Discovery about to open 27 March, State Library Queensland has a great program for young children between 10am to 3pm – The Corner. GOMA has many exhibitions for children across the year; currently it’s featuring the Obliteration Room sponsored by Santos GLNG which closes on the 19 April.

Children love the freedom of the Obliteration Room. They are given a sheet of stickers as they walk into the room and they are instantly artists. No restrictions, simply sticker away become an instant artist, even sticker your sister – mmm, not sure is Miss 5 year old appreciated that stroke of artistic artistry!

State Library of Queensland - The Corner provides multiple ways to entertain the children from multimedia, singalong, books, craft and fantasy play with props.

Grandparents, do yourself a favour and let your grandchildren bring a little culture into your lives these school holidays!

150710 goma body

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Kerri Keefer
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