Creating a family balance

06 February 2017

We live in a fast paced, changing and demanding society and keeping up may be challenging for many families. Parents are pressured to bring up well rounded children, while juggling work and family commitments. Children are expected to be actively involved and excel in the academic, sport, cultural and social arenas, often simultaneously. These demands may leave parents and children feeling overwhelmed, and if not addressed may impact on general wellbeing.

If, as a parent you are feeling overwhelmed, on edge, impatient or stressed, your child is likely to feel the same. You may want to reflect on your family situation – what is happening in and for your family, what are the current commitments for each family member, is it manageable, what needs to be prioritised? In answering these questions you may find the need to reduce, simplify and/or make adjustments in commitments which will help build and strengthen the foundations for a healthy and balanced family environment. Remember, your family unit and situation are unique; you are the expert in knowing what is best for your family, therefore taking time to reflect and plan will help you create a balance between the various demands on your family.

Families are at the heart of Ormiston College. While families strengthen relationships on the home front, staff at the college are working hard to forge the ever important parent and school partnerships. The college acknowledges the importance families have on children’s learning and wellbeing. Partnerships with parents are fostered early on. Teachers form close trusting relationships with students, and listen and respond to individual needs.

All members of the Ormiston College community, Junior and Secondary, immerse themselves in a Student Enhancement Program (SEP), which incorporates Program Achieve. The aim of this program is to provide all students with the foundation for achievement and social-emotional-behavioural wellbeing within school and of course outside of the classroom at home. The program works on developing confidence, persistence, organisation, emotional resilience and getting along with peers. Setting goals and being independent and socially responsible are all part of the ongoing SEP program that aligns itself with the community’s family values.  

Through the many co-curricular activities offered at the college, students not only experience a wide and balanced education, they also learn the important life skills of playing by the rules, winning and losing, attitude, motivation, and character development.

As students move through their schooling journey it is more important than ever that schools are preparing young people for the challenges they will face in a fast changing 21st-century world. Part of Program Achieve concentrates on essential life skills, so often underestimated in their importance but more valuable than ever before: skills such as persistence, giving effort and having the ‘I can do it’ mindset, forward planning, work ethic, integrity, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, organisation and time management. Ormiston College is committed to ensuring that students are well equipped for the exciting futures they will shape for themselves and are encouraged, challenged and given every opportunity to develop a sense of purpose and emotional wellbeing in an environment that is happy, spirited and secure.

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Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City

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