NOTICEBOARD: Strong results from Good Shepherd in Year 12 OP outcomes 2017 report

20 February 2018

Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Noosaville, has achieved their strongest ever result in the OP 1 – 10 range with 63 per cent of their OP eligible students achieving within this range out of their 86 per cent OP-eligible cohort.

On Sunday, the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) released its ‘Year 12 Outcomes 2017’ report. This report, which is available from the QCAA website, contains a range of Year 12 outcome information for each school in Queensland.

The data includes the number of students receiving an OP, the number of students receiving different OP bands and a range of other statistics including certificate level qualifications earned.

Consistent with long-term state-wide trends, schools across the Sunshine Coast differ significantly in the percentage of students who are OP-eligible (from approximately 30% to nearly 100%).

2017 op comparison


According to Good Shepherd Lutheran College’s Principal, Anthony Dyer, while this variation in eligibility is appropriate as schools seek to meet the needs of their students for tertiary and non-tertiary pathways, it is a significant variable when comparing schools’ Year 12 outcomes.

“One way to take this variation into account is to consider the total Year 12 class or cohort in each school,” said Mr Dyer. “The comparison graph, based on the publicly released data, shows the percentage of the total Year 12 cohort that received an OP in the various bands and the percentage undertaking non-OP courses and pathways.

“Cohort statistics are of understandable interest and are typically reported and compared following the release of this data.”

While the statistics provide some information about the nature and performance of the cohort, cohort statistics provide little information regarding the outcomes for individual students.

“Though we are very pleased with the performance of our Year 12 cohorts over a number of years, including our class of 2017, the outcome for each Year 12 student is more important to us as a College,” said Mr Dyer.

“We understand success as each student achieving to their potential and being well placed to move into their preferred post school pathway, whether that be tertiary studies, vocational training, the workplace or a combination.”

“We are proud of the fine young adults who graduated in 2017 and look forward to hearing of their next steps.”

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