NOTICEBOARD: Year 12 cohort leaves their mark on community

01 January 2019

Year 12 students who have recently graduated from Pacific Lutheran College reflected upon their educational journey, that began for some in Foundation and Junior College.

Their considered reflections and shared thoughts highlighted a deep understanding of their core relationships, the culture, diversity, positive psychology and restorative practices within the College.

“I am fortunate enough to have attended this very school for the entirety of my academic life. And, because of that, I can provide a very unique insight, said Ethan Hall, 2018 Graduate and Vice College Captain at Pacific Lutheran College. “Over the course of my own personal journey, I have been able to witness and experience not only the growth of myself and my peers, but the growth of the College. So much has changed during my 13 years here, but then, a lot hasn't. The warmth, compassion and humanity, the care and consideration. The relationships, the opportunity, the sense of community.

Through it all, these things have remained constant.”

Flourishing through a culture of thinking was the inspired expression for 2018 that underpinned the College community’s purpose and motivation to collaborate, whether it be their neighbours at Birtinya or families in Cambodia.

“To flourish is to be more than successful. There is a richness and flair to flourishing that draws on creativity and the fullness of life,” Dr Dolling, Principal at Pacific Lutheran College, explained. “We witnessed the Year 12 cohort encapsulate this and we congratulate and farewell them. We have enjoyed their warmth, vibrancy and energy and thank them for all they have given to this community. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow and mature into the confident young men and women who are now ready to make their mark beyond school.”

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Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City

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