THINGS TO DO: The lolly paradise of Sugar Republic

08 October 2018

Hubba Bubba, Wizz Fizz, Bubble O’ Bill… these sweet words all conjure up memories of hanging with friends, sugary treats on a summer’s day, and a simple, carefree childhood.

So, imagine if you could bring these memories to life in an adult-sized lolly museum?

Meet Sugar Republic. A new interactive Insta-museum, celebrating confectionery, desserts and chocolate through 12 sensory spaces.

With retro, sweet-themed art throughout, the over-sized installations allow you to do things you never thought possible: climb inside a gum ball machine, jump out of a birthday cake, play in the larger-than-life lolly shop.

sugar republic cake


A trip to Sugar Republic is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and the experience is hugely different for every generation.

For the teens and Gen Zs, it’s an Instagram heaven with selfie opportunities at every turn. From posing by the neon art wall, to swinging in a fairy floss room – your Instagram feed has never looked so good.

For the little ones, it’s pure and simple sprinkle-laden fun. They don’t care about photos, and why would you? When there is a HUGE bubblegum ball pool to swim in, sherbet rainbows to climb, and free ice-cream for everyone.

sugar republic gumball

And for us parents in the corner? It’s an amazing blast from the past. Whilst the kids have fun around the exhibits, we can simply wander with a Wizz Fizz and escape from reality for an hour.

So, leave the pressure of a ‘no sugar’ rule at the door and go back to your childhood with the kids. Eat the fairy floss, jump into a giant gumball machine, go behind the lolly counter… and have some guilt-free fun with the fam-bam.

Sugar Republic is open now until October 21st at Valley Metro, Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley.

Head to for tickets and more information.

sugar republic sprinkles

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