What's on for kids at Brisbane Arts Theatre this spring

03 September 2019

Want to take the kids to a show?

Brisbane Arts Theatre has a fab line-up of kid-friendly performances in store this spring!

& the Giant Peach

20 July to 5 October


James and the Giant Peach is back in Roald Dahl’s classic tale, a favourite for young and old, and a great introduction to live theatre. One day James meets a mystical old man who gives him a bag that contains the strongest magic the world has ever known. When James accidentally spills the bag near an old peach tree, the most incredible things start to happen.
By Roald Dahl. Adapted by David Wood
By Arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

My Hamster 
is a Genius

25 August to 5 October


Meet nine-year-old Benjamin Jinks and his grumpy hamster, Jasper Stinkybottom. Benjamin is a very normal boy, who hates maths. Stinky is a genius hamster, who likes carrots. Together, they are an unstoppable team! But can they overcome the evil scheming of Ben’s maths teacher, Beardy McCreedy? Find out in the world premiere adaptation of David Lowe’s striking tale of a boy and his hamster.
By Dave Lowe
By arrangement with Dave Lowe

The Snow Queen

12 October to 7 December


As exciting as an adventure story, far more than a fairy tale, The Snow Queen is a magical musical perfect for the whole family.
There is a legend that, once upon a time, a beautiful fairy, the Snow Queen, lived on the highest, most solitary peak of the Alps. An enduring tale of strength and good vs. evil unfolds in a charming adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen fable.
By Kirsten Brandt and Rick Lombardo Music by Haddon Kime
By Arrangement with David Spicer Productions


Brisbane Arts Theatre is an iconic independent theatre company that produces engrossing, high quality, accessible theatre, and educates emerging Brisbane artists and future industry professionals.

For information and tickets, visit:
Brisbane Arts Theatre
210 Petrie Terrace
Petrie Terrace QLD 4000
(07) 3369 2344

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