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24 March 2017
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Households and businesses around the globe will be ‘switching off’ for this year’s Earth Hour on March 25.

The event raises awareness of global warning, bringing communities together to show their support for a low pollution, clean energy future. Now in its 10th year, an estimated 172 countries, and 7000 towns and cities will take part, with Southeast Queensland turning off its lights for an hour at 8.30pm.

To celebrate Earth Hour, the movement has come up with some great ideas for kids, from learning more about the event and what it means for their future, to fun activities to try and games to play when the lights are out:

1. Watch some Earth Hour videos

Earth Hour has produced some great short videos to explain global warming for its younger participants. See

2. Freaky faces

Sit in a circle and use a torch to see who can make the freakiest face!

3. Scare bear

Form a circle with one person in the middle and with everyone else with their backs towards them. The person who is ‘in’ tries to scare the others one by one. The person who screams the loudest loses.

4. Hide and Sneak

It’s like hide and seek but in the dark, and the players get to sneak to different hiding spots while the finder is looking for them.

5. Ready, set, sardines

Someone is ‘in’ and goes to hide while the others count to 20. Everyone tries to find the hider and when they do, they have to squeeze in the same hiding spot as them, without making a sound. The first one to find them is the next person who is ‘in’.

6. Shadow puppets

Use a torch to make some great shadow puppets on a wall. Try making up a play with the puppets. Check out this link for some easy shadow puppets:

Visit for some more great ideas, as well as some awesome art and craft activities to try before Earth Hour.

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