30 Jaffle Filling Ideas

25 May 2015

Jaffles, toasties, toasted sandwiches...whatever you like to call them, they are a staple in many households, especially in winter.

We recently put a call out on Facebook asking about their favourite fillings and we inundated with yummy, mouth-watering and creative suggestions.  

This list will surely have you running to your kitchen to whip out your jaffle maker/toasted sandwich maker.

  1. Baked beans
  2. Banana sprinkled with raw sugar
  3. Banana and cinnamon
  4. Baked beans and cheese
  5. Savoury mince
  6. Spaghetti and cheese
  7. Apple and cinnamon
  8. Chicken, pesto and cheese
  9. Bacon, cheese & salsa
  10. Beef stew
  11. Creamed corn
  12. Ham and cheese
  13. Three cheese & pepperoni
  14. Garlic butter, cheese & baked beans
  15. Creamed corn and Spanish onion
  16. Hot salami and cheese
  17. Cheese, tomato and mustard
  18. Pizza sauce, mozzarella, sliced salami, onion and olives
  19. Baked beans and egg
  20. Egg and cheese
  21. Puff pastry, apple and cinnamon
  22. Asparagus and cheese
  23. Salami, cheese, avocado and tomato
  24. Banana, peanut butter and honey/maple syrup
  25. Ham, cheese and pineapple
  26. Cheese and onion
  27. Tomato paste, tuna, cheese, onion and Italian herbs
  28. Leftover curry
  29. Mashed potato, diced bacon and onion, garlic, egg , salt and pepper.
  30. Vegemite and cheese

What’s your favourite toastie filling?


Written by

Eva Lewis

Eva is a digital content expert who runs a successful women's lifestyle blog - The Multitasking Woman. Eva is an experienced social media manager, digital consultant, article writer and copywriter and has written for various publications and business websites over the years.  When Eva doesn't have her head in the digital space, she enjoys spending time with her husband, six year old son and one year old daughter, ploughing through her current favourite books in the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, gardening and chatting with her chooks. 

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