EASTER: Get crafty this Easter with these great Easter craft ideas!

24 March 2018

Keep the kids busy and get creative with these top Easter craft ideas. 

Easter Chick Card

20160318 eastercraft1

You will need:

  • download shape template
  • thin yellow cardboard
  • thin black cardboard
  • thin orange cardboard
  • 2 split pins (or you can glue the wings on but they won’t be able to flap)
  • 2 large google eyes (or you can just draw them on)
  • pva or craft glue
  • scissors, pencil and a black texta /or black sharpie


Take both your child’s hands and place them on the yellow cardboard. Spread their fingers slightly apart, trace around both hands with a pencil and cut out the shapes. 

Draw an oval shape, or use the template from the back of this guide, onto yellow cardboard and then cut it out.

Take the wings (your child’s yellow hand cutouts) and place them slightly under the sides of the oval (make sure that the thumbs are closest to the oval). Either glue them in place or use split pins to attach the wings so they can flap.

Trace the downloaded template or draw a diamond shape for the beak and shapes for the legs, then cut them out. Fold the diamond in half and glue one half onto the oval to make a 3D beak. Place the legs at the bottom of the oval and glue them so they are attached at the back.

Draw on eyes or glue on google eyes. 

Write ‘Happy Easter’ and hey presto…you’re done!


Easter Bunny Door Hanger

20160318 eastercraft2

You will need:

  • download shape template
  • foam door hanger (check out the cheap $2 shops or craft stores)
  • white, pink and black craft foam
  • some Easter or spring foam shapes (if you can’t find any, you can draw and cut some shapes out of the coloured foam sheets)
  • craft glue
  • for the whiskers use black scoobies (long thin plastic tubes, you can find them everywhere)
  • two 1/2 inch white pom poms
  • scissors
  • black texta/sharpie 


Use the downloaded template, or draw and cut out foam shapes to make the bunny. Alternatively you can purchase pre cut shapes from craft stores. Use the picture as a guide to assemble the shapes on the hanger so it looks like a rabbit (see image). Glue them into place.

Glue on the white pom poms to make the rabbit cheeks and poke the scoobie whiskers just under the pom poms.

Write ‘Happy Easter’ and then glue on some Easter or spring foamies to decorate.


Rabbit and Chicken Beady Babies

20160318 eastercraft3

You will need:

  • large coloured wooden beads or Styrofoam balls (which you will need to paint with acrylics)
  • feathers for the chickens
  • craft foam to make the rabbits ears
  • google eyes or black sharpie to draw them 
  • coloured pipe cleaners


Join two Styrofoam craft balls together by poking a skewer through to join the body and heads. Paint with acrylic paint, choose any colour you like. Either draw on eyes or glue on google eyes. 

To make your little beady babies stand up, take a pipe cleaner and make two round loops for the legs and leave a bit extra after the loops to poke into the base of the ball. 

To make a chicken: poke a feather into the top of the head and draw on an orange beak (or you may like to stick on an orange foam or cardboard beak). 

To make a rabbit: draw a nose and whiskers, use coloured foam to make some bunny ears and glue them onto the top of the back of the head. 




Toddlers around 18 months to 3 years will need a fair bit of assistance and you will probably end up doing a lot of the work yourself, but they will enjoy placing the “pretties” (as I call them) on the creation to help decorate. They will be very excited to be helping!

Children aged 3 years and up just need a bit of guidance with their cutting and pasting. This activity is great for practising fine motor skills. 

Whatever the age of your kids, make sure you stay with them to help guide, instruct and most importantly supervise to make sure they don’t cut their fingers or hurt themselves in some way.


Upload your crafty photos to Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with the hashtag #kotceaster


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Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City


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