MAKE AND CREATE: Easy Easter hat ideas

27 March 2019

Need to make an Easter bonnet? Delight your child with one of these awesome creations (you don’t need to tell anyone how easy it was, either!).

Easter hat parades are on their way and we want to save you from the blind panic the night before as you scrounge through what’s left in your closest bargain store’s Easter section.

If you want to get creative but lacking in time or skills, try these great super easy ideas!

Make a bonnet from a paper plate

So, so easy and effective. All you need is a paper plate, a straw, a craft knife and any decorations you like – feathers, stickers, glitter, paint, pom poms…

Check out how to make it here.

Party Easter egg hat

Party hat Easter hat

Head to Big W and grab a party hat, some pipe cleaners and Styrofoam eggs and you are well on your way to making this awesome creation. Get the kids to paint the eggs any colour they like and finish the hat by trimming it with a piece of tinsel.

Super easy Easter crown

If you have absolutely no time to make an Easter bonnet, opt for this crown instead. It can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes and all you need is cardboard, paints or pastels and a stapler.

Check out how to make it here

Adorable sheep bonnet

Sheep hat

Grab an old wide-brimmed hat and glue cotton balls over the top. Then cut a sheep’s head from some black card and glue on some googly eyes. Add some shredded green paper to the brim for grass and you are done!

Check out these other great ideas on Pinterest:

Easter Bonnet Ideas

Easter Bonnets Inspiration

And watch these videos for some more awesome ideas:

Easter bunny bonnet

Make a bonnet out of a felt Easter egg collection basket

Dollar store Easter bonnet decorating ideas

There are a wide range of really cheap ready-made hats and decorations available in stores now that mean your kids can just go crazy with some glue, stick on some stickers and you’re done. Check out these supplies I picked up at Aldi for under $10.

 170315 easterhatsupplies

We’d love you to share your Easter bonnet ideas and creations! Get in touch!

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