NOTICEBOARD: High achievers deliver results for Immanuel’s Class of 2018

16 December 2018

Immanuel’s Class of 2018 celebrated the official end to their 13 years of schooling with the release of Overall Position (OP) numbers by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

“We are proud of the Class of 2018 who have worked hard to make their dreams a reality. They’ve set themselves goals which will stand them in good stead as they plan for their future at university, in the workplace or take a gap year to gather some life experience,” said Acting Principal Nick Cheyne.

“This year, our top achievers are a group of young men and women who will pursue careers in fields including finance, medicine and mathematics. But whatever their pursuits, I am proud that Immanuel is producing confident, well-rounded graduates who for 40 years, have enjoyed not only academic success, but have gained the skills and values needed to succeed in any vocation.

“Statistically, the class performed above the state average with 22% achieving an OP 1-5 and 85% achieving an OP 1-15,” said Mr Cheyne.

2018 Dux Oskar Duce, who achieved an OP 2, is hoping to study a Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics at the University of Queensland (UQ). College Captain Tim McAllister, who also achieved an OP 2, plans to study the same degree with the dream of one day working in the banking sector.

Fellow OP 2 recipient, Hugh Forbes, will study a Bachelor of International Studies at UQ with hopes of becoming a diplomat. Science whiz, Nerida Wilkinson, who also achieved an OP 2, has been interviewed by faculty at James Cook University to study a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery with dreams of one day becoming a doctor.

But one story, a little different from the others, is that of three young women from Immanuel’s Class of 2018 – Mhairi Lattimer, Brooke Atkinson and Gwenyth Hill – who were all accepted into the Australian Army.

“All three live out Immanuel’s commitment to teamwork, community and placing others before self each day of their lives,” said Mr Cheyne.

Mhairi has been accepted into the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra where she will study a Bachelor of Business through the University of NSW and work toward becoming a General Service Officer in the Australian Army.

“I’m fourth generation military on both sides of my family and this is always something I planned on doing. I was always keen on the Army and in April this year, I started the officer selection process,” said Mhairi.

Both Brooke and Gwenyth are pursuing general service entry.

“Since Year 10, I’ve been keen on the Army and I’ve now got a job offer as an intelligence analyst,” said Brooke.

“I commence my initial training at Kapooka on 18 February with the plan of going into Signals Corps. I’ll be trained as an information systems technician – communications, radios, IT basically,” said Gwenyth.


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