Movie World Junior Driving School

16 July 2015

We went along to Warner Bros. Movie World to try out their new ride for younger children, “Junior Driving School”.

So, did the kids like it?  It was quite possibly one of the most adorable rides I’ve ever seen!

The kids went on it 12 times.  I probably don’t need to say much more to verify their enjoyment of the ride.

To see this ride in action watch the video below, it’s only 90 seconds.

For all the details, read our review below.

Junior Driving School Review

The ride is pretty big, and it’s inside… which will be a nice break from the sun in Summer…  it really has provided Movie World with a nice split of shaded versus outside entertainment for little kids. 

When you arrive there are two lines to choose from:

  1. Get your licence
  2. Straight to ride

Basically, this means that the first time you go on the ride you’ll take your kids to get their licence, the next 11 times you can skip the licence line and go straight to the ride.  (No, you don’t have to have a licence to proceed directly to the ride… however, it is a part of the fun!)

Junior Driving School Licence

Now… the Licence part is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!

It is all very official; the kids are treated like little grown-ups.  They are asked their name and have their photo taken.

Next they go to the collections department to pick-up their licence.  Just like all official documentation it comes surrounded in paper.  You pop the plastic coated card out… and put it in your wallet.

I was actually tempted to call this review “How taking your kids to Movie World will result in having a clean house for the next 10 years”. 

Upon receiving his licence, Twin 1 (age 4) looked at me very seriously and asked “Mama, does this mean I can borrow your car now?”

I coughed, loudly.... composed myself and responded.

“Sweety Pie, you’re going to have to save for your own car now, your pocket money is $1 a week if you do your chores, do you want to start saving for a car?”

“Yes Mama, I need a car”.

Excellent, I have new material to use at home “Hooonneeeeyyy, pickup your toys if you want to buy a car!”

So here’s the Licence….

Note - they ask your child to smile for the photo… as you can see from the photos above, one should never ask my children to smile. 

Actually, with the new Queensland Licences you’re not allowed to smile, this rule was probably put in place to protect our entire family.

The Ride

The kids need to be over 100cm to enjoy the ride.  If you’re not confident in their driving abilities, you can sit on the back with them (they still need to be over 100cm for you to do this).

Or, you can hop in your own car!

The photo below shows Lucas in the car (age 4), he was easily able to drive on his own.  You can that there’s a child driving in the car behind his and there’s an adult sitting on the back helping with steering.

A little warning for grown-ups, this cool little village is very realistic, the scenery, the road signs, it even has a round-about.

If you’re an adult, this will completely mess with your head! 

The road rules are so natural for us, without even thinking, when I was driving on my own I was giving way, following the rules of the round-about, stopping at stop signs etc.

These crazy little whipper-snapper kids, receive their licence… they obviously haven’t studied for it, and they cut you off, don’t give way… they think they own the road!  It’s terrifying! 

Ok, maybe not terrifying, but it’s funny how when you’re driving you’re actually expecting them to comply with road rules, I got into a few accidents as a result :).

Whilst the cars aren’t bumper cars and the aim of the ride isn’t to knock each other out of the way, the cars obviously do have protection like bumper cars.

The scenery is just what you’d expect of Movie World, lots of attention to detail, lots of familiar things to see, themes like: Batman, Road Runner, Superman etc.

In the photo below you’ll see the castle like entrance, just inside there’s a place to put handbags and cameras if you’re going on the ride, and you can park your pram in a designated area.

If you’re not going on the ride you can walk around 3 sides of the attraction to take photos.  Cameras aren’t allowed on the ride, but you can take photos as an observer. 

In Summary

The kids really, really loved it and I was pleasantly surprised at how much there was to do at Movie World with pre-school kids.  So much so that we’re buying the VIP Gold Magic Pass so we can go back again soon (and of course attend the White Christmas event, Wet’n’Wild and Sea World)!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you watch our 90 second video of Junior Driving School to really see what it’s like.

Head over to the Warner Bros. Movie World website to see what else is there; make sure you buy your tickets online for the best deal!

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  • Guest - Betty
    Do I need to pay additional fare for this ride "Junior Driving School" when I bought my Movie World ticket? Please advise. Tks.

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