EDUCATION: We go behind the doors at Big Day Out

22 September 2018

With a focus on instilling positive citizenship skills and delivering the highest quality in care, Big Day Out is fast becoming known one of the leading care and education services on the Sunshine Coast. We chat to centre operator Pam Maclean to find out more.

Tell us about Big Day Out!

We are a high-quality care and education service with two centres on the Sunshine Coast – located at Peregian Springs and Peregian Breeze.
Both centres are designed, and purpose built to specifically cater to the needs of the children, with natural element playgrounds that encourage creative thinking and simple enjoyment of nature and the great outdoors.

We run a highly respected Approved Kindergarten Program. We also have our BDO Studio, built to offer a range of media for children to work with so they can practice thinking creatively. Much more than a simple ‘Art Room’, children can create, hypothesise, experiment, explore, use many new and recycled materials, and enjoy being creative. From time to time, we invite accomplished artists, sculptors, potters, inventors, recyclers and others to spend time in our studio working with children.

We provide all meals and have a chef on each site who creates healthy, nutritionally balanced meals, freshly cooked each day. 
Our menus are regularly audited by Nutrition Australia to ensure the right balance is provided for growing young brains.

What skills do you feel are essential for children to learn 
in childcare today?

Early education isn’t just about learning to count. You might be able to count to 100 but then are too shy at Prep to put up your hand and try to answer a question! Therefore, we focus heavily on preparing our children to launch themselves into school life with confidence; filled with an excitement for learning and with enthusiasm for the new challenges ahead. We teach children to interact with peers and adults confidently and equip them with the social skills needed for a successful and happy school life.

We help children build a solid foundation of communication and language skills, so they are confident speaking to others, expressing their thoughts clearly, and able to play and share. We also teach them to be able to self-manage their day and be responsible for themselves.

Of course, we include the core elements of numeracy and literacy, but we place an emphasis on being a good citizen and a kind and thoughtful person, teaching children to always feel confident in themselves. Research has found that these are the things that will set them up to learn well.
Also critical is gaining parent involvement and engagement with our programs, as we go on this learning journey together with the children. Our parents really appreciate that we are part of the local community.

Quality is very important in early education. We work hard to provide best practice care and education in every area 
of activity. We have dedicated team members in every room who bring experience and knowledge far beyond that required. We have two Kindergarten teachers in the Kindy room, not just one. We have more resources, and more activities… all to ensure we provide a wonderful environment and the best in care and learning for our children.

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Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City

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