NOTICEBOARD: Unity College students raise over $5000 for Caritas Australia!

16 April 2018

Unity College recently decided to combine their annual Cross Country event with Caritas K’s, a fundraising walkathon for Caritas Australia.

This initiative helps to raise awareness of the world’s poorest communities, giving them access to better health services and education, increased food security, clean water, sanitation facilities and much more.

Students came together on a journey around the college grounds with buckets of water, showing compassion for many women and children across the world who have to carry litres of water each day to survive.

Year 6 student Imogen Sanders also created an Easter colouring competition with her friends as an added way to raise more funds, encouraging Junior students to be creative in the process.

Special recognition was also given to Ruby Redman, Amelia-Grace Benson, Kaelyn & Ruby Downing and Ryan Stevens who all raised a significant amount of money each for the team.

Because of these inspiring children and their sponsors, Unity College raised a huge $5,981.66 beating the initial goal of $5,000. This was the highest amount raised in the registered teams who took part.

Everyone involved came to together to support each other and the wider community. Unity College is very proud of their student’s achievements and their commitment to our College mission; aspiring to be a safe, welcoming and supportive faith community where members respect themselves, each other and the environment.

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Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City

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