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  • Perfect for the Sunny Coast lifestyle. Thank you
  • This would be amazing for my 2 & 3 year olds with all their stuff!!
  • Just the thing to transport my grandkids and their gear down to the jetty
  • After adding a pup to the family mix - this would certainly help free up hands and shoulders and... and..... I think I have been dreaming about one of these without even knowing it!
  • Can connect to my disability scooter when on holidays for the youngsters to enjoy scenery better
  • With two tweens, a very busy toddler and one on the way arriving in January this wagon would make our trips to surf lifesaving every weekend much much easier!
  • This would be perfect for us to take the grandchildren down to the beach. Not to mention all the stuff we have to take with us. FINGERS CROSSED

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