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  • We have 4 kids except 1 is passed this stage the other 3 however would absolutely love this. It would be a great surprise for the kids who are 2 4 and 9
  • This would be amazing to have - what a terrific energy release!
  • I got two boys and a lot of friends/neighbours. They'll enjoy the trampoline. Thanks
  • As a kid growing up in Australia, I remember spending many summer days tumbling around on the trampoline. It was my place of experimentation. The place I learned to forward roll and backflip. I would hold teddy bear picnics, theatrical performances and choreograph dances. I would lie in solitude and watch the clouds, day dreaming of one thing or another. To me, it was much more than a trampoline to bounce on. Reflecting on my own children's childhood, I can sadly admit, I am yet to give them these experiences on a daily basis. Kids today have more distractions and temptations than ever. Bringing them back to the simplicities of backyard fun, would make us all winners. With your help, I would love to show my children what an Aussie backyard is all about.
  • Look forward to my grand children bouncing outside in this amazing trampoline. Great exercise in a safe space.
  • we would love an updated one - ours is starting to fall apart - the qld sun is just a killer! - but my girls just love the trampoline!
  • Wow couldn’t think of anything better for my kids and their friends ?
  • ???? this would be awesome for the kiddies and good luck to every body, someone will have some happy kiddies when this is drawn. A shame there can only be one winner.
  • Having two very active kids, this prize would come in very handy. Having recently relocated to the Sunny Coast from NSW it would be a terrific suprise for kids.
  • This would be perfect for my daughter who just started gymnastics!

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