Josh Pyke announces release of first kid’s music EP: “It’s going be a great, great day!”

“It’s going be a great, great day!” is the first offering of kid’s music released by award-winning Australian musician and author Josh Pyke.

Covering multiple genres, production styles and topics, this exuberant collection of songs is a vibrant and often hilarious insight into a previously unexplored side of Pyke’s creative output.

Written, performed, and produced by Josh in his home studio, it was also an opportunity to wrangle his own children into the creative process by contributing background vocals and generally vetting the project for any residual ”dad lameness”.

Pyke says: “Having the chance to involve my kids in what I do was a real gift, and hearing them sing the songs around the house was my litmus test as to whether the songs would resonate with other children. It actually drove me crazy after a while, and I’m really hoping to share that experience with other parents everywhere!”

The EP includes topics such as using a morning list to prepare for the day, sun safety, trying new foods and reducing screen time. The songs are pertinent, positive, and seriously catchy.

The feature track, Sun Safety, is a reggae / soul-inspired track, and Pyke reminds us of the tried-and-true rules of sun safety in a fresh new light. Sometimes, we’re in a rush to get outside and play, but that extra couple of minutes of preparation goes a long, long way.

The EP is available to stream and download now here.

Visit for more information.

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