Summer Land Camels – A Day Trip with Kids

I recently took my young family to experience the real-life camels at Summer Land Camels in Harrisville. Our scenic drive 25 mins south of Ipswich was just the beginning of a relaxed, genuine country experience. Luckily, our 12-month-old slept the whole way. Even more fortunate was his easy transfer into the pram, which we gradually strolled over to the homestead cafe on arrival.

The cafe had lots to offer. We were first met with unique camel products like creams, hair care, souvenirs, and even camel milk vodka! On the menu was a range of interesting camel-related items. I was tempted by the delicious-looking camel gelato but dared to try a camel milk cappuccino instead.

Camel Cappuccino at Summer Land Camels

Camel cappuccino is just one of the many unique camel products you can enjoy at Summer Land Camels


I sipped my unusual beverage on the ornate verandah overlooking the paddocks. We were mesmerised by the picturesque mountain outlook, watching the grazing camels nearby. We could see farm operations in the backdrop, making this a genuinely rural adventure.

As we enjoyed the rare panorama, another family fed the majestic beasts beside us. Safe to say, we couldn’t resist purchasing a $3.50 bag of hay! When our little one finally arose, he was face-to-face with a gigantic camel. The excitement in his eyes was my favourite part of the whole trip.

My partner and I fed the camels from behind a timber fence. Watching their huge snouts dig into our paper feed bag was incredible, but even more amazing to pat their rough, furry coats. It was an experience we wouldn’t forget.

Feeding the Camels at Summer Land Camels Scenic Rim

Kids love to feed the camels at Summer Land Camels, Scenic Rim


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Take a camel ride

We could have booked a camel ride if we were looking for more adventure. This time around, though, we were pleased with a simple feeding venture. I also noticed wooden benches under the shade of some beautiful old trees overlooking a neighbouring paddock, which would be an ideal picnicking spot.

Indeed, the farm has plenty of options for energy-expending, child-distracting family fun. Although, I would suggest bringing plenty of sun protection and hydration.

Overall, Summer Land Camels is the perfect day trip for anyone looking for a fun and unique experience. It doesn’t take much effort or time and is suitable for people of all ages. Best of all, there’s no entry fee making it super affordable. So, whether you’re interested in funky camel milk products, coffee with a twist, or feeding exotic creatures, there’s something for everyone at this unusual attraction.

I highly recommend visiting this intriguing property to anyone seeking local, family-friendly activities.

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