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5 Tips for choosing the right child care

Choosing the right child care for your little ones can be a tough task! You are looking for a place to provide love, compassion, care and education. You want it to be a place that feels like home to your child when they aren’t at home. What do you look for, and what questions should you ask?


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Tips to help you choose the right child care for your family

1. Research the different education approaches and work out what is your best fit

Child care centres all have a varying approach to education and how it is applied during their daily programming. You may see some of the following:

  • Inquiry learning
  • Play-based learning
  • Direct teaching/instruction

Knowing how the centre operates – and that its approaches suit what you want for your child – helps you shortlist the many different centres available.


2. Book a tour with a few centres

To choose the right child care, you need to see a few to know what you are looking for. Touring several centres can really help you narrow it down. Again, you want to find a child care centre that best aligns with you and your family’s values. A tour will give you a sense of the different environments, education approaches and team cultures.


3. Make a list of questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the Educators or Centre Leadership Team. Some examples include:

  • How many kids are allocated per educator?
  • Is there a chef/cook on site or do I need to provide food?
  • How do you handle allergies?
  • Do you have set routines, if so what do they look like?
  • What do I need to pack for a standard day at your centre?
  • What is the education approach at the centre?
  • How long have the educators been a part of the team? Is there a high turnover?

By seeking answers to your questions, you begin to understand what your general expectation of the centre is.


4. Take reviews and recommendations on board, but make your own decisions

Just because a centre has glowing recommendations from a family member or friend, it doesn’t mean it will be the right fit for you and your child. Take the recommendations on board, but don’t raise your expectations of the centre based solely on that family/friend connection.

This also applies if a centre hasn’t received a good recommendation or review – for the same reason a centre might not align with you, it may not align or fit with others. This is not necessarily a bad thing – it all comes down to the right alignment of your values, expectations and more.


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5. Lastly, if you are near a Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure centre, add it to your list of centres

If you live in or near Ashmore or Maudsland on the Gold Coast, Highfields in Toowoomba, or Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, take a look at a Sanctuary centre.

All Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure centres are privately owned and operated. As parents themselves, the staff understand the trust you are placing in them when enrolling your child. A tour will give you an understanding of what a high quality centre looks like, as well as give you an opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

Sanctuary’s commitment to families is that it will provide a safe and nurturing environment, while delivering the highest quality program and meaningful experiences. The value of play in each child’s development is paramount, so each day is fun as they learn.

Sometimes it may take one or two centres before you find somewhere that your child feels settled and happy. Remember to trust your gut and ask as many questions as you can. Your child will be in their hands.

This article is sponsored by Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure: Ashmore | Maudsland | Buderim | Highfields


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By Guest Contributor

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