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Choosing a childcare centre that is right for your family is one of the bigger decisions you will make as a parent. To help in your search for the perfect service, we chat to Kristy Griffiths, Beerwah Director & Nominated Supervisor at Bella Grace Early Learning, to find out everything you need to know about this popular Sunshine Coast childcare service.

What is the mission of Bella Grace?

Here at Bella Grace, our mission is to continually provide a higher level of education and care for the children in our community. Our mission is born from a mother’s desire to create a high level of care and quality learning environments with a need for all children to be exposed to safe, stimulating and educational childhood experience.

You now have five centres – Chancellor Park, Aroona, Beerwah, Beerwah, Brightwater. Do they differ?

Each service provides large indoor and outdoor play spaces that are well equipped with an abundance of quality natural and educational resources. They all focus on creating welcoming environments reflective of the children and their families.

Each inclusive play space is thoughtfully designed with a holistic approach, catering to individual learning capabilities and styles. Educators facilitate this learning by immersing themselves into these environments drawing on their strengths and knowledge of early childhood industry.

Each service embraces their own local surroundings embedding a sense of connectedness to their environments and belonging to their communities. With our Queensland climate, sun safety is our main focus, so each outdoor area is designed to utilise natural shade where possible, learning in nature while being mindful to include sun safe practices.

What programs do you offer?

At Bella Grace, we value the wellbeing of children, families and educators by designing individual tailored programs that support children to learn and grow. Our programs are delivered by passionate and inspired educators who purposely plan activities that support individual, small and whole group learning experiences.
At Bella Grace, we believe in building meaningful, trusting and authentic relationships with our families and this in turn allows for open and honest communication. We believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child, and with this in mind, we draw from our families, elders and community to embed meaning practices that will shape our young children’s minds for the future.

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