Maudsland is getting a new early learning centre … and it’s STUNNING!


An impressive new early learning centre is currently under development in Maudsland, and is due to open by the end of 2020.

Owned and managed by Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, the centre has been designed to take in the natural beauty of the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland on the doorstep.

“Our goal is to create engaging and fun environments for each child to enjoy, feel love and happiness, whilst developing their intellectual, physical, social and cultural needs,” said Lauren, owner of Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure. “Both our indoor and outdoor spaces at Maudsland have been purposely designed to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, and invite children to explore.”

Natural environment

Offering a calm and nurturing environment, the learning spaces are designed to be immersive in nature. And this is gentle, natural ethos is reflected in the amazing outdoor playground they have planned.

Equipped with a play fort, water play creek bed, vegetable garden and misting arbour, the outdoor space at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Maudsland promises to be like no other.

render of outdoor space at Sanctuary Early Learning Maudsland

“Created to  encourage children to explore the environment naturally, the playground is designed and constructed by the Wearthy team,” explained Lauren. “The gorgeous space we have planned will feature natural elements to allow sensory exploration and give children the chance to care for their environment.”

The Sanctuary standard

The new centre at Maudsland will offer Sanctuary’s tried and tested programs, providing the highest quality experiences and working together with parents to make a difference each day in every child’s life.

“As parents ourselves, our values come from our upbringing and our happy childhood memories,” explained Lauren. “Therefore, we aim to provide the best educational and developmental opportunities to every child, because these early years are so important.”

Continuing the natural ethos, the learning programs at Sanctuary are designed to be nature-based and play-based. And similar to the other Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure centres, the program at Maudsland will follow the national guidelines set out on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). It will also offer active lifestyle initiatives to all children, including sport, dance, yoga, music and environmentally sustainability programs including paddock to plate meals.

“Through reflective practices, children are guided by their interests and needs, with plenty of opportunities to master new challenges,” said Lauren. “Our team of passionate and highly skilled early childhood educators, support children to investigate and learn within a safe home-like environment. Offering unique experiences and life skills that will pave the way for each child through to their schooling years and all the years ahead.”

For more information on Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure or to enrol, visit or call 1300 00 PLAY.


Written by kidsonthecoast

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