Meet the Principal, St Andrew's Anglican College

Since opening it’s doors in 2003, St Andrew’s Anglican College has rapidly grown to become one of the leading schools on the Sunshine Coast. We chat to Principal Reverend Chris Ivey to find out more about this progressive college.

Can you tell us a little about the philosophy and vision of St Andrew’s?

We work on the simple philosophy that strong and positive relationships across the College community create the best possible environment for students to thrive. This is coupled with high expectations on each and every student to do their personal best. We aim to support and encourage the learning journey, not just the end result. From this foundation we then provide a raft of opportunities for students to participate, grow, learn about themselves and others, have a go, maybe fail but use that as learning as well, thus enabling them to walk confidently into their futures.

What makes the St Andrew’s experience different from other schools?

At St Andrew’s we live out our vision and philosophy each and every day, from my role as Principal right through our entire community, even to our traffic managers and Facilities Department. It isn’t a marketing hype – this is a whole College approach and our students and families understand that.

What is your favourite thing about being principal at St Andrew’s?

Seeing students move out of their comfort zones and achieve their personal best. We provide so many opportunities for students to learn about themselves. I love being part of those moments at the end of a Kokoda Challenge, abseiling a mountain face or the final night of a musical performance.
I also love walking out of our Honouring Service with the Graduating Class of Year 12, knowing the impact we have had on each and every student.

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

I like to spend time with my family, garden and maybe even get a water ski in if the conditions are okay.

Can you tell us about your proudest moment as principal of the school?

There’s so many! I am proud each and every day of what our community achieves and the way it constantly strives to live out our values.

Can you tell us something about the school that people might not know?

Our contribution to the community both near and abroad is huge. Every week our students are in the community either locally or globally serving others as part of ‘St Andrew’s Serves’. So often the perception of Independent Schools is of privilege. Our values speak constantly about service of others, respectful relationships and community engagement and I don’t think people know how much time and resources we give back… it is staggering when you tally it all up. We don’t tally it to brag, but to ensure we are continuing to ‘pay it forward’. This is the character that we aim to build in our students.

In today’s world, what skills do you feel are essential for children to take away from school?

Resilience, independence, problem solving, an open mindset, critical thinking and responsibility for one’s actions.

What defines a St Andrew’s student?

A typical St Andrew’s student genuinely enjoys being at school, respects their own learning journey, they look out for each other and they endeavour to do their best.

Can you describe the school in three words…

Our motto: Vision and Spirit.

Written by kidsonthecoast

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