Pacific Lutheran College turns 20! And it’s time for celebration and reflection


Significant birthdays are times for celebration, reflection and calibration. This is certainly true for Pacific Lutheran College as they celebrate their 20th birthday this year.

“It is a time, as individuals and as community, where we celebrate culture, achievements and contributions,” says Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal, Pacific Lutheran College. “Where we reflect and hold firm to those things that define, enrich and strengthen. Where we calibrate for the changes that enable us to grow well in the present and into the future.”

And this highly regarded college has much to celebrate!

“We celebrate that together with parents, we nurture young people to grow deeply within, to grow in their relationships with others and with God, to grow in their capacity to learn and to use their capabilities to make a difference,” Dr Dolling says. “We celebrate a culture that encourages hope, purposefulness, curiosity and creativity. This rich strength-based culture provides opportunity for people to flourish as individuals and as community.”

This strong sense of spirit and culture has been evident throughout Pacific Lutheran College since they first opened their doors in 2001. “It has enabled young people to learn and contribute to a service-oriented community that enriches the lives of people within and beyond our community,” says Dr Dolling.

In this anniversary year, young people’s achievements have been celebrated too.

“Students have been recognised as top academic achievers of the state, national representation in sport and Future Problem Solving competitions and state representation in robotics and technology competitions,” Dr Dolling explains. “Our students have showcased their talent in musicals, dance and ensemble groups, and achieved internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh awards.  We have celebrated young people who have given their best, learnt through mistakes, overcome obstacles, lived with challenging circumstances and had the courage, faith and resilience to make a difference for themselves, their peers and the broader community.”

And what’s in store for the next 20 years at Pacific Lutheran?

“As we look to the future, we hold firm to this rich culture and grow the capabilities needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world,” says Dr Dolling. “We recognise the need for young people and adults to grow in their agency and co-agency to make a difference for themselves, their families, the broader global community and for the planet.”

“As a community and as individuals, we need the agility, capability and values to respond wisely to changing circumstances. The opportunity for organic leadership beyond formal roles is highlighted in research associated with high performing organisations, including schools,” Dr Dolling continues.

“As we celebrate, reflect and calibrate, we are thankful for the people who have contributed so generously and capably to the shaping of a rich culture of growth and possibility.  We are grateful to God for the very many blessings He has given this community. We are excited about the future and the capacity of this community to continue to chart a powerful path with People the Focus, Learning The Purpose and Christ the Way.”

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