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Get Ahead Maths Flash Cards are Australia’s first flash cards for the primary maths curriculum.

For the first time in Australia, flash cards are available for primary school maths based on the latest Australian maths curriculum (Version 9). Each box covers the maths curriculum for the full year…it’s the curriculum-in-a-box!

Get Ahead Flash Cards are designed to help children and their parents to learn and understand primary school maths from Foundation through to Year 6.

Whether your primary school child is at the top of their maths class or struggling with maths, then flash cards may be the answer for you. Flash cards are a powerful tool for helping your child learn maths and building their confidence.
Our mission at Get Ahead Flash Cards is to help primary school children to develop a strong foundation in mathematics. We want kids to excel in maths and advance their maths skills to reach their full potential.
Once children have a solid foundation in maths and have mastered the maths content of their current year level, we encourage them to aim to ‘get ahead’ of their current year by mastering (ideally) 2 years ahead and maintaining that lead.

Each box of Get Ahead Flash Cards contains a comprehensive set of 200 maths flash cards, covering the content strands including Number, Algebra, Measurement, Space, Statistics and Probability.

The flash cards are easy-to-read and visually appealing. The cards feature bright and colourful illustrations designed to help explain key maths concepts and to make learning maths fun and engaging. Each flash card features a question on the front and a worked answer on the back, making them perfect for kids to learn, reinforce, and revise key maths concepts in a fun and interactive way.

The benefits of using flash cards for studying are well-known as flash cards have been a successful method of studying in high schools and universities for decades. This well-established method of studying is now available for Australian primary school students with our collection of Get Ahead Maths Flash Cards. Our flash cards are a perfect addition to your child’s learning toolkit and will make learning maths easy and enjoyable!

The collection of Get Ahead Maths Flash Cards for primary school maths (Foundation to Year 6) are now available to order online.


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