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Habitat Early Learning is driven by a commitment to nurturing each child as a unique individual. They  understand the importance of the early years in shaping personal values, and feel privileged to be a part of this transformative process. Their exemplary early education programs are tailored to provide young children with the best possible start in life.

Located in Peregian Springs, their new Centre embraces the contemporary coastal landscape, offering a relaxing, peaceful, welcoming, and safe environment that fosters learning. From the moment you step into Habitat Early Learning Peregian Springs, you’ll find countless opportunities for curiosity and learning. Their thoughtfully designed learning spaces encourage children to explore, create, and discover their own passions and interests.

Educational Philosophy

Habitat Early Learning provide families in Brisbane with the option to select either an Emergent curriculum or a Montessori program at each of their services. They are proud to introduce their exclusive Montessori program at their Peregian Springs Service, making it their first Service solely dedicated to Montessori education. With over a decade of experience, Habitat Early Learning Centres have successfully delivered Montessori programs to children during their crucial early childhood years.

Extra-Curricular Programs

Their specialised programs offer an ideal setting for children to delve into the realms of culture, wellness, and performing arts, cultivating a warm and inclusive atmosphere that encourages active engagement and growth in these transformative experiences.


Peregian Springs
2 Longwood Dr, Peregian Springs
Queensland, 4573

79 Bage Street, Nundah,
Queensland, 4012

Ferny Grove
54 Hogarth Road, Ferny Grove,
Queensland, 4055


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