School profile - Palmwoods Community Kindergarten

Palmwoods Community Kindergarten is a local kindergarten focused on educating children about the importance of sustainability. Combining outdoor play and interaction with natural elements, the Kindy aims to inspire children to see a world as a place filled with untapped potential.

By encouraging children to be resilient and independent, educators guide students through the decisions they make and assist them in making smarter choices.

Kindy Directors, Lise Dunn and Roseann Gresinger, have seen first-hand the significance and outcome of supporting and encouraging young minds. Not only for the childrens’ futures but also to encourage a change in discussion and mindset.

Determined to spark the topic of sustainability within the Kindy community, Palmwoods Kindergarten has started their own beeswax wraps workshops. They have also introduced a popular sewing club, for all families to get together and support the Kindy and their community.

Following the recent landscaping and installation of a new climbing deck, this year the Kindy aims to source a water tank to educate the students about the importance of water, supply and usage, and how to be more efficient with the water at home and in public places.

Always looking to the future, Palmwoods Community Kindergarten is passionate about the next generation and the planet, teaching students how we can all make the world a better place, sparking the inspiration in the youngest students to help them to discover the potential we all have to create a world in which we want to live.