Tips for starting kindy for the first time

January means many children are starting kindy or childcare for the first time. As unknown territory for both the child and the parents, it can be an exciting yet nervous time! To help your child adjust, make sure you’ve shared a couple of orientation sessions prior to your first day. These sessions are designed for both parent and child to get to know the daily routine at the centre and to make your first day easier.

Different centres will provide different items, so check with your own service ahead of time as to what they will provide for your child each day. If you are enrolling at Edge Early Learning, all nappies, wipes, sunscreen and nutritious meals are provided and bedding kits are available to purchase, so all you need to pack is a spare change of clothes.

As centre programmes can vary, look for a centre with a philosophy that fits well with your own values. Some may focus on outdoor learning, whilst others may prefer a traditional approach. Edge Early Learning offers a nurturing and open environment, where exploration is encouraged. Aligning perfectly with the Early Years Learning Framework, we believe this inquiry-based approach is best for our little learners.

And most importantly, we have fun! Our educators have welcomed many first-time learners into the classroom and are experts in ensuring every child has the best first day on this exciting adventure! Remember, you are never too young to start school! Early education can give your child the edge to succeed when they reach ‘big school’.


By Samantha Campbell
Centre Director Edge Early Learning Bilinga

Edge Early Learning provides quality care and education for children from six weeks to school age, with the convenience of long day care hours. To find an Edge Early Learning centre near you, visit and book a centre tour.


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Written by kidsonthecoast

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