The Sunshine Coast tutoring program making 2022 a year of success

After such a tumultuous couple of years, a term or two of tutoring could be exactly what your child needs for a successful and confident 2022. And this Sunshine Coast tutoring centre believes they have the perfect tutoring program to achieve that.


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Sunshine Coast tutoring program making every year a success

Tutoring benefits every student level

It is a common misconception that tutoring is predominantly for kids who are struggling in their schooling. However, expert tutoring in a fun and stress-free environment can have positive outcomes for children of all academic levels and abilities.

For the academically gifted, tutoring enhances their learning pathway so they can excel at their own pace and not be held back or risk boredom.

The ‘fly-under-the-radar’ kids with average grades can also see significant improvement—not only in their grades but also in their comprehension and understanding. They learn at a deeper level, no longer just focusing on passing their tests. They learn to retain information, use critical thinking, and understand their assessment requirements better.

Of course, students who are struggling academically and slipping through the school system can be caught and supported by tutoring. They are taken through learning materials to find where they need help, being taught in a safe learning space where they feel supported and encouraged.


Learning needs to be enjoyable

For a tutoring program to be successful, it has to be fun and engaging. Particularly for kids who have become disengaged from their school classroom. NumbersWorks’nWords Sippy Downs Owner Rochelle Callard believes that their positive environment is a key factor in why their program is so successful.

“The students all enjoy the learning and always progress at their own personalised level,” Rochelle says.

“There is lots of praise, lots of fun, and lots of certificates. When one person in the centre achieves a goal, the whole centre claps and celebrates. It’s a wonderful learning culture where everyone thrives and experiences success.”

Quality time and connection to the tutor is also critical to tutoring success, Rochelle adds. Which is why she is also a strong advocate for in-person tutoring.

“Each tutor spends quality time with their students to make the child feel supported and encouraged, and tutors also ensure supportive practices are in place like ‘brain breaks’, which help students focus and concentrate better,” Rochelle explains.


Look for personalised, accessible learning

With a successful teaching and school principal career behind her, Rochelle understands how difficult it can be to cater for everyone’s needs in the classroom, which is why a personalised program is critical.

NumbersWorks’nWords is a unique style of tutoring that engages children of all levels and abilities, and can really bring back that enthusiasm for learning,” says Rochelle.

“Every student is given an individualised program and works towards agreed personal goals,” explains Rochelle. “The curriculum-linked program, designed by experts, delivers the results your child needs (catch-up, extension or exam prep), whilst also building their confidence.”

Feedback received from parents of children in the program is overwhelming that the Numberworks ‘nWords tutoring program has brought a love of learning back to their children’s lives.

“Seeing your child struggle at school is heartbreaking,” says Rochelle. “I chat to parents whose child was struggling, and they are amazed. One recently said, ‘I don’t know what you are doing, but she’d rather come to you and do maths than go to hockey!”


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What is the NumberWorks‘nWords tutoring program?

Designed for students from Prep to Year 10, the NumberWorks‘nWords maths and English tuition program has been developed over 35 years and is now widely used in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. All Australian capital cities have centres.

Many people who come to Rochelle have tried some form of tutoring before and haven’t had much success.

“The NumberWorks‘nWords tutoring program is so engaging and structured, students make far more progress here than with many other methods,” Rochelle explains.

“Helping students turn their learning experiences around is extremely rewarding,” says Rochelle. “There’s so many of those ‘light bulb’ moments when students realise that they can do it. It’s incredible to be part of that!”

In fact, she is so confident that the kids will love it, NumberWorks’nWords Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast offers a free assessment.

“The student can come into the centre, I then assess the student in maths and/or English, then they get to experience working with a tutor, whilst the parents are given the tour of the centre and I can answer any questions they have. We then sit down and discuss the results and the parents and students goals and give a recommendation.”

“When parents come in and explore the Sippy Downs centre, and they see all the students positively engaged in learning, they can then understand how well it works!”


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