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When Georgiana Karam opened Adam & Noah Early Learning College nine years ago, she never imagined it would become such a pivotal service in Brisbane’s early learning space. Fast forward to today, and this innovative early learning centre has recently undergone a rebrand, opened a new centre in Marsden and has upgraded its already impressive outdoor adventure park. But what’s the story behind its success?


Where it all began

It all began when Georgiana sought a long daycare and early learning centre for her children. She wanted more options that provided the love, care and educational needs she wanted. But with no facility meeting her high expectations, she created her own.

“I wanted an early learning service that cared for the children within but also focused on developing an exceeding educational program,” Georgiana says.

“We wanted to go above and beyond, delivering unlimited early years learning opportunities with a focus on learning through play.”

The first state-of-the-art building and outdoor adventure area was named after her two sons, Adam and Noah Early Learning College, with a mission to provide a solid academic foundation for every student.


Student Playing with Cars at Australia Early Learning College

Transport play at Australia Early Learning College’s ‘City Adventure’


Play-based learning

With a focus on play-based learning, the purpose-built centre features state-of-the-art classrooms and an out-of-this-world adventure playground!

Aptly named Outdoor Adventureland, there are four distinct areas of the outdoor play area:

  • City Adventure: This features three themed outdoor permanent marquees with roads/bike tracks, traffic lights, and a zebra crossing.
  • Ancient & Archeological World Adventure: With an Egyptian pyramid where you can dig for fossils, climb a life-sized T-Rex, step in a T-Rex footprint, ride a camel, climb in an aeroplane and jump on board a life-sized pirate ship.
  • Two sports areas: Includes a multi-sports court and a long jump pit.
  • An animal farm: Includes Australian stingless honeybees, a veggie garden, fruit trees and a mud pit.


This year, the outdoor play space was upgraded to include an outdoor stage, a second sandpit, a water feature and a creek. The bike track now also has traffic lights and a shopfront, and the farm yard has been revamped with planter boxes, a chicken shed, a yarning circle, and indigenous plants.

The expansive outdoor space is complemented by The Fun Spaceship indoor play centre right next door. Also part of the Adam & Noah group, this play centre is a kids’ wonderland with
air cannons, climb-in UFOs and rockets, a rock climbing wall, soft play equipment, a giant slide and more.

Adam & Noah’s popular vacation care program regularly utilises both play spaces. Provided for children aged five to 13 years, kids can join in Masterchef days, discos, and bike and scooter days at the epic Outdoor Adventureland. That’s when they aren’t enjoying excursions to the Science Centre, Australia Zoo, The Railway Museum, Sea World, Movie World, bush walks, playing at water parks and more.

“We know how hard the school holiday time is for working parents, so we wanted to provide the best vacation care program possible, keeping kids busy, having fun
and learning throughout the whole school break,” says Georgiana.


Classroom at Australia Early Learning College

Well-equipped classrooms with the latest learning early learning tools.


The 2023 rebrand

This year, the busy early learning service has evolved into Australian Early Learning Colleges by Adam & Noah. Ready to expand its footprint, the rebrand signals the service’s next step in educational excellence and commitment to nurturing young minds.

“This represents our unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality early childhood education while extending our reach to communities in the surrounding Brisbane regions,” says Georgiana.

“With this change, we are not just changing our name. We are reaffirming our commitment to shaping the future of Australia’s youngest learners, ensuring they embark on a journey of lifelong curiosity and discovery.


The Australia Early Learning College philosophy

Learning and development happen holistically at Australian Early Learning Colleges by integrating growth opportunities into routines, activities, and contexts that have meaning for the children.

“Our philosophy builds on the child’s experiences, knowledge, skills, attitudes, needs, interests, and world views to foster empowerment,” says Georgiana.

“Our holistic approach to teaching benefits children in their social, emotional and physical development, from infant through to school age.”

Georgiana believes that for children to learn effectively, they must be respected and valued as individuals.

“We foster children’s wellbeing by supporting families, respecting their culture, knowledge and community, aiming to build strong connections and consistency among all aspects of the child’s world,” she says.

Children are immersed in a community where people discuss boundaries, are fair, explore questions about how things work, and help each other.

“We encourage children to become independent and lifelong learners by providing equal educational opportunities for all.”


Animal Playground at Australia Early Learning College

Exploring the animal playground. Credit: Australia Early Learning College


Australia Early Learning College’s curriculum

  • Academic curriculum: Language, Maths, Science
  • The Five Senses Course: Eco, Health/Safety, Social Skills, Arts, Cooking
  • Engineering Course
  • Computer Course
  • Drama & Acting: Poetry, Singing, Dance, Drama, Puppetry
  • Music: With a professional music teacher
  • Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Athletics, Gymnastics, Badminton



the Sports Court at Australia Early Learning College

A multipurpose sports court makes it possible to learn many different sports. Credit: Australia Early Learning College


The new Australia Early Learning College in Marsden

The new AELC centre opened in Marsden in winter 2023 and follows Australian Early Learning College’s advanced curriculum that covers language, maths, science, safety, health, social skills, engineering, drama, acting, music, sports, and much more.

The program is a play-based learning and helps develop children’s physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities.

Children enjoy excursions to the Heritage Park centre to utilise the Outdoor Adventureland facilities. Vacation care and before and after-school care are also available.

“At Marsden Early Learning College, we provide an environment that stimulates child-initiated activities with uninterrupted periods of play alongside Educators, facilitating and scaffolding children’s endeavours,” says Georgiana.

As well as the proven early learning program, Marsden has a strong Kindergarten program focused on school readiness, including:

  • developing a love of learning;
  • making friends;
  • preparing for school;
  • developing independence, confidence and self-discipline;
  • creatively expressing ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play;
  • identifying, exploring and solving problems;
  • developing reading, writing and numeracy skills; and
  • developing essential life skills.

The Kindergarten program at AELC is provided to children aged four by 30 June in the year they start, and the children in this program must attend at least two days a week.


Outdoor Play Space at Australia Early Learning College Marsden

Outdoor play space at Australia Early Learning College, Marsden. Credit: Australia Early Learning College


What’s at the new Marsden centre

  • Long daycare
  • Kindergarten program
  • A play space for each age group
  • Fresh meals prepared daily by professional chefs
  • Family takeaway dinners
  • Vacation care
  • Music tuition
  • Soccer club
  • Dance club
  • Nappies provided
  • Formula provided


To book a tour, email: or call 07 3054 1054


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