What does a Catholic Education look like?

Laughter drifts across the school yard.

A group of excited students gathered under the cooling shade of a large fig tree, jot their ideas down on both paper and iPads.

The students, members of the school’s social justice group, are boisterous as they debate, question and communicate their many ideas.

As their excitement grows, the discussion strays to other topics.

The APRE (Assistant to the Principal for Religious Education) steps in and gently guides them back on topic.

As they settle back into their task angelic voices can be heard soaring in harmony from the school hall.

Inside, the school choir practices for the upcoming school Mass.

In surrounding classrooms, a 3D printer beeps, students gather their laptops around an animated robot, and students take turns reading aloud.

Laughter spreads from the Prep area while on the oval teachers encourage young athlete’s to “run faster” or “jump higher”.

The bell rings, students stream out of classrooms across the green campus, catch up with friends, or head to the handball courts for the daily challenge.

Year 6 students seek out their Prep buddies to help them navigate the hustle and bustle enveloping them.

Over in the tuckshop queue, a raised hand accompanies a cry of “hi mum”.

Earlier, mum was in the classroom helping students with reading skills before heading to the tuckshop to serve the tasty, healthy snacks.

Like her child, she has formed new friendships with the other volunteer parents that promise to last long after their children have left school.

This is no ordinary school – this is a Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) school.

A place where all staff partner with parents, teaching, challenging and transforming the lives of thousands of students every day to be the best they can be.

Where students have a sense of belonging and pride because they are in a physical and social setting that is safe, well organised and caring.

Where their individual skills and talents are nurtured, student achievement is celebrated, and self-esteem strongly promoted.

A place where mutual respect and trust are key to developing a strong, positive culture.

Where graduates continue learning after their formal education has been completed because in their early years of Catholic school they were encouraged to think deeply and ask questions critically.

In Catholic schools, every student’s unique gifts are recognised and every day teachers seek opportunities to progress those gifts.

The quality of teachers and students is never measured through the narrow lens of singular data, or a ranking at the end of a school year.

The complexity of your child should never be distilled to a number on a page as this will never measure whether your child is creative and curious, is great at sport, respects their teacher and parents, or is a true friend to their classmates.

A Catholic education differs from others as it creates a sense of purpose, kindness, honesty and compassion.

Students are taught the skills, morals and values necessary to be a well-rounded Christian and citizen of the world.

Often, parents are unaware of the affordability offered by Catholic schools.

BCE school fees may be less than imagined and all families have the opportunity to seek a Catholic education for their child.

Families are encouraged to explore the affordability with their choice of school with financial aid available from all BCE schools.

Fee remissions, family discounts and other options are available and a confidential chat with the principal can point you in the right direction to access these opportunities.

To find out more, take a campus tour, hear from the teachers and learn about the unique approach to pastoral care and chat with current students, contact Brisbane Catholic Education.


Each child is unique, wondrous and capable of great things. 

Written by kidsonthecoast

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