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My Clean Hamper is an eco friendly, natural gifting hamper of ethically produced cleaning products that actually work! My Clean Hamper offers people a safe alternative to cleaning, without the hassle of them sourcing and testing multiple products themselves. Because lets be honest, who wants to do that in their spare time?

With over 20 years of professional cleaning experience, we realised the impact that cleaning chemicals have on our environment. Commonly used cleaning products also release harmful odours that put the household at risk of developing health issues and sometimes, lifelong disease.

With this in mind, Mirela, the founder and CEO of MCH, has created My Clean Hamper, to offer a safer & more eco-friendly approach to cleaning. We are incredibly proud of the products we have put together and hope you can enjoy cleaning your home, My Clean Hamper style!


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By Tanya Nissen
Tanya is mum to two teenage girls and is the Production Manager for Kids on the Coast/ Kids in the City. She has experience working in the print & digital publishing industry for a number of years with skills in keeping the production schedule organised, social media and website design. When not being taxi-Mum to her girls, Tanya enjoys camping, reading, digital scrapbooking and boating.

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