12 Fair dinkum games to play on Australia Day

Australia Day wouldn’t be right without a barbecue, good friends and Australia Day games in the backyard or on the beach! Get your Aussie on with these Australia Day games – for kids and adults alike!

Thong throwing

Mark out an area and set out some rules (like you can only throw under arm etc.). Then, decide on how points will be scored. You might decide the thong needs to land in a bucket, in a circle or closest to a marker – whatever it is, you’ll be sure to have some laughs!

Gum boot throwing

Same as thong throwing, but with gum boots!

Backyard or beach cricket

It’s all about improvisation when it comes to backyard/beach cricket. If you don’t have any stumps or a pitch, make one up. You can use an esky, a chair, a bin or sticks for the stumps if you have to. Make your own rules – you’re out if you hit it over the fence, nine points if you hit a particular tree and kids get more chances at getting some out than adults! Let the competition begin!

Cockroach and toad races

You will need a strong stomach for this one and someone who is actually game to catch the critters/slime balls! Get some chalk and mark out a circle, create a finish line … and watch your feet!

Digeridoo ‘Name that Tune’

This isn’t a singing game, this game requires a digeridoo! If you don’t have a real one, all you need is a PVC pipe or cardboard tube (a wrapping paper cardboard tube will do). Practice your circular breathing, play a tune with the digeridoo and see if anyone can guess what the tune is!

Fancy dress

There are so many iconic Australians you can choose from, make an effort and become one of them for the day! Who would you come dressed as?

Vegemite-eating competition

Set the timer and see who can eat the most vegemite. No other food or water allowed! 60 seconds, here we go …

Lamington-eating competition

Similarly, set your desired time and see who can eat the most lamingtons!

Bushman challenge

Grab a couple of tents (smaller ones will be easier and better on space), and see which team can pitch a tent faster! If you don’t have a tent, see who can build something from sheets, blankets, and whatever you can find around the house.

Three-legged race

This is an old time favourite and a test of coordination. Find some old material to tie legs together with, and race to the finish line without falling over!

Egg and spoon race

Create an obstacle course and watch as contestants have to manoeuvre around them without dropping the egg balanced on their spoon!

A to Z of Aussie items

Great to play with the kids – who is the fastest person to name an Aussie item for each letter of the alphabet? Good for car journeys on A-Day morning too.

What Australia Day games do you love to play?

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