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What type of Prep parent are you?

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With school officially back in session, many little preppies took their first tentative steps through the school gates, ready to start their primary education.

Although the first day for a new Preppie student can be exciting for both parent and child it can also be a daunting experience, and over the last week all parents would likely have been feeling a mix of various emotions!

With the help of Brent Hughes, Ex-Teacher and Education Expert for in-school and at home education resource Matific and Matific Galaxy, we’ve pulled together six fun types of Prep parent that he’s encountered in the past.

But, which one do you identify with most? And can we take pointers from each?

The Crier

The first day of school is one filled with many emotions for first time parents. It’s the day that their eldest (or sometimes only) child reaches another milestone in their life; starting school. Everyone would know a mum/dad or carer that is notoriously known as the crier. She/he is a blubbering mess as she/he enters the gates carrying their child, as teachers encourage the parent to let go and leave. But, undoubtedly, they always stick around longer than they should – before leaving in another blubbering mess, being consoled by other parents, usually the seasoned professionals.

The Seasoned Professional

This is the parent that has been through it all before! This seasoned professional has no trouble with completing the school drop off and is always cool, calm and collected. They are the envy of the other parents, who wonder – how does she/he do it?! The child’s uniform has been ironed, the parent is showered, impeccably dressed and ready to tackle their role as Head of the PTA for another year. This is the parent you want to befriend, because you know if you ever need support, they will be available.

The Control Freak

Matching bag, pencil case, lunch box and drink bottle – each labelled with the child’s full name, shoes polished to the point of reflection and hair perfectly sleeked back, so nothing is out of place. This is clearly a Preppie belonging to the control freak parent – the one that is already speaking to the teacher about homework expectations and checking everything off their list – nothing can be missed. You know that structure and routine are key for that family.

The Scrambler

The elusive parent that no one seems to meet on the first day. They arrive 45 minutes late, child following behind still eating their toast for breakfast as they enter the gates. She/he has tried to be the organised parent that has everything under control, but the uniform still has the creases in it from when it was purchased and she/he is still rushing around, noticeably distressed that the day has not run smoothly as they would’ve hoped.

The Celebrator

Did someone say bottomless brunch? Some parents can’t wait to see their little ones walk through those school gates and start their new adventure! As soon as they have dropped their child off and know they are settled, they are gathering the troops to go and celebrate.

This parent can be spotted from a mile away – while all the other parents are waiting to have their morning coffee to perk up, he/she has a grin from ear to ear because this is the day that they can finally say “he’s/she’s their problem now” before rushing to get home.

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