Hear and Say

Children’s hearing health, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical and social development
Paediatric experts provide speech pathology, occupational therapy, audiology, physical and social development for babies through to adolescents.
Hear and Say, Hear, Listen, Speak, Participate, Believe
Hear and Say locations: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Cairns, Townsville and Telepractice
For 25 years Hear and Say has been providing services for children through to adolescence and their families across six centres and through Telepractice.
Hear and Say paediatric professionals are experts in providing specialised ‘whole of life’ services in the areas of hearing, speech, language, physical and social development.
Services include:
Listening and spoken language

Early Intervention Listening and Spoken Language Therapy (birth to school entry)
Targeted Intervention (school aged students)
Auditory Learning (following change in hearing or hearing technology)
Inclusive setting support and transition planning
Specialised group programs
Delayed Language and Literacy Support


Diagnostic hearing assessments
Hearing Implant Program including pre- and post-operative assessments and ongoing management support for a range of implantable hearing devices
Audiological classroom support

Other services

Social Skills Programs (birth through to adolescence)
Occupational Therapy
Social Worker and Counselling
Consultant Physiotherapy
Consultant Psychology
Parent Education, Support and Advocacy
Behaviour Management Consultation

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