What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Mother’s Day can bring a range of memories, thoughts and emotions that can bring both joy and, sometimes, uneasy feelings. Often the thought of navigating the logistics and family dynamics of the day itself may leave you feeling overwhelmed and overlooked. It can be hard. And there might be multiple mums in your circle to juggle into your schedule!

How can we balance these emotions and reflections to ensure that we celebrate ourselves as the parents that we are?


Mother’s Day is uniquely yours

To appreciate the significance of this special day, we need to firstly reflect on the family dynamic that is uniquely ours. You may be a single mum, step mum, foster mum, mum of a blended family, or you could be one of two mums in your family. Or you may not be a mum at all; we can take kinship roles in guiding our young ones in the world whether they are our grandkids, cousins, siblings and niblings.

Whatever your place, you are special. The love, care and support you constantly share to make sure kids feel safe, secure, heard and loved, is something that no one can take away. The connection that you have with them is yours and yours only, regardless of your family situation.

Keeping things simple and enjoying the moments are what can really bring joy to you and your children. The photograph coaster our child made at kindy, or the deconstructed omelette served on a napkin with cold coffee. These are the little moments that can mean so much.

For younger children who may not have someone else prompting them to celebrate this special day, maybe you can invite your little one to do a Mother’s Day activity that you know you will both enjoy.

Embrace the moment, take a break and allowing yourself to recognise that you are special. This is key to creating meaningful connections that can be filled with love, appreciation and gratitude.

By Sonia Adolphs, Community Engagement Officer at Parentline.
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