Our favourite thing to do with kids on the Sunshine Coast

It’s not always easy to find a great day out with kids of different ages. Little ones need nap time, toddlers have in-built tantrum clocks, and older kids risk being ‘bored’. One of our favourite things to do with kids on the Sunshine Coast that is always sure to keep everyone happy is Wildlife HQ.

Tucked next to the Big Pineapple, this fabulous zoo offers something for all ages. We visited with three generations – kids, parents and grandparents – and everyone had an absolutely AMAZING day.

Getting to Wildlife HQ

Wildlife HQ has two entrances. One from the Big Pineapple at the top of the hill and catch the train into the Zoo. Secondly, via the zoo entrance at the end of the service road, to the right of the Big Pineapple. The train is an extra $5 but it’s a fun trip for the kids, so is certainly worth doing if you have the time. The train departs every half hour from the Big Pineapple (on the hour and half-past.)

Tip: Don’t forget to pick up a bag of feed from the entrance so you can feed the kangaroos along the way.

The zoo is roughly split into two parts. On one side of the train tracks there is Friendship Farm where you can check out the goats, guinea pigs, miniature horses and llamas. There are also crocs, snakes, lizards and a reptile hut. Next to this is the Aussie Billabong, which is a lovely space to explore – with chickens wandering around, stacks of turtles in the water, lemurs on the island, and kangaroos and emus happily roaming.

Kangaroo at Wildlife HQ - fun thing to do with kids on the Sunshine Coast

Cross over the tracks and you head into the more exotic section of Wildlife HQ, with the Asian Rainforest, African Plains and the most amazing (and CUTEST!) collection of little monkeys in the South American trail.

The zoo also has plenty of native animals, with koalas, parrots, free-ranging wallabies and the nocturnal animals shed.

There’s a shaded seating area in the middle of the zoo, with a small café and space to rest. The café has everything you need for a pit stop: coffee, ice creams, and snacks. For something a little bigger you can grab lunch up at the Big Pineapple, or pack your own.

Tip: head to the koala presentation area where you can hold a koala!

Animal Encounters at Wildlife HQ

For something special, adding an animal encounter to your visit is a MUST-DO. There is a range of encounters to choose from. Try a native encounter such as a dingo, koala, snake or sugar glider, or choose something more exotic such as the cotton top tamarins, marmosets, alligator, meerkats, lemurs, or red panda.

We opted for the Meercat Encounter – and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Holding a bowl of food, you sit inside the meerkat enclosure as they feed from your hands. They will jump up onto your lap, scurry around, it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one we will never forget. We didn’t feel rushed and the animal ranger that led the encounter was fabulous, sharing lots of information about the animals and their habits.

Book your animal encounter at the café in the centre of the park.

There are also several animal shows throughout the morning. These include Meerkat Feeding, Koala Interactive Talk, African Painted Dog, and Sunbear Feeding. Most of the animal talks are held mid to late morning. Therefore, aim to arrive when the zoo opens and work your way through most of the exhibits before feeding time.

What we really liked about Wildlife HQ is how easy it was to get around and see the animals. It didn’t feel overwhelming, instead it was more like visiting a sanctuary. There was no rush to get around and see everything; it was a very relaxed experience and just the right size to visit with little ones.

“It was the best day of my life!”

Wildlife HQ also worked really well for kids of all ages. The little ones really enjoyed being able to get up close with a range of native and exotic animals. The older ones loved the interesting facts along the way. It was also pram friendly, so you can bring your wheels.

thing to do with kids on the Sunshine Coast at Wildlife HQ


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