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2022 Pregnancy and Babies Guide: Expert tips and articles

Overwhelmed by baby advice and information? Our 2022 Pregnancy and Babies  Guide is here to help!

We’ve gathered together the latest expert tips for all things pregnancy, baby and beyond, all in once place.


What is hypnobirthing and does it really work?

Woman Holding Pregnant Belly Learning Hypnobirthing

Have you heard of hypnobirthing, but not sure what it is? We chat with Kathryn Wilde, birthing expert, birth support and hypnobirthing teacher at Belly Birth and Bubs, to find out the facts behind this birthing philosophy. READ MORE


Coast Life Midwifery, Pregnancy and Postnatal Service

2/22 Beach Road, Maroochydore, 4558

Coast Life Midwifery

The pregnancy and postnatal service at Coast Life Midwifery offers a relationship-based model of midwifery care. Your midwives provide support for you and your baby during pregnancy and up to six weeks after birth. Midwifery continuity of care sets the tone for your journey into motherhood, based on the premise that women are strong, capable, and intricately designed to grow and birth their babies. … READ MORE


Grammar Swim School Banner

Dr Kylie Isaacs, OBGYN

Buderim, Sunshine Coast
Baby and Sibling Dr Kylie Isaacs Obgyn

Dr Kylie Isaacs is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist practicing in Buderim on The Sunshine Coast, offering Gynaecology surgical services and Birthing at Buderim Private Hospital. Whether it’s your first or your fourth baby, Obstetrician and Gynacologist Dr Kylie Isaacs aims to assist you to have the birthing experience you desire while ensuring the best outcomes for you, your family and baby. … READ MORE


Introducing babies to water

Goodlife Bubble Babies Sessions Introduce Babies to Water

Wondering how to safely and positively introduce your new baby to the pool? We chat to Tracy Doyle, Learn-to-Swim Coordinator at Goodlife Swim School to find out about the gentle aquatic session for babies, and why this approach is having such success. READ MORE


A new model of pregnancy care on the Sunshine Coast

Pregnancy Care on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Obstetrics has created a modernised form of affordable private pregnancy care—ditching those nasty gap fees and allowing women to birth privately without any huge out-of-pocket expenses. We chat to Sunshine Obstetrics Practice Manager Suzanne Wall to find out more about this innovative approach to antenatal care. READ MORE


Coast Life Families: Baby & Child Health Service

3/22 Beach Road, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, 4558

Baby Being Cared for at Coast Life Families Health Services

The Coast Life Families Baby & Child Health service is a collaboration between Child Health Nurse Jess Kumar their Lactation Consultant and Child Health Nurse and  Jane Langford, their Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Bringing their skills and experience together, this unique service provides a personal, relationship based, individualised and flexible service and are honoured to provide this in a relaxed, family-friendly environment. … READ MORE


Iceworld family Fun


What is my baby village, and where can I find it?

New Mum Finding Her Baby Village Online

The newborn days can also be incredibly isolating. Particularly for the new mums and dads who don’t have the benefit of local family support. Therefore, it is important to feel connected to people that understand us, celebrate with us and can also empathise with us when we aren’t doing so great. This support network is also known as your ‘baby village’. So, who is in your village, and how do you find one if you are feeling disconnected as a new mum? READ MORE


Bubble Babies Goodlife Swim School

Dentist Dr David Barker shared his tips for caring for baby’s first teeth

Baby with First Teeth

There’s nothing cuter than baby’s first toothy smile. But this adorable moment also means it is time to introduce dental care. Dr David Barker from Sunny Coast Dental is here with his tips on caring for those first little baby teeth. READ MORE


Expert tips to help you swim safely during the warmer months

Water Safety Tips for Kids

The days are warming up, which means little kids (and big kids!) are itching to get back in the water. As fun as the pool and the ocean are, it’s critical you are always as safe as possible. READ MORE



Dr Kylie Isaacs



Let’s talk about… secondary infertility

Woman Looking at Pregnancy Test Experiencing Secondary Infertility

Seldom talked about but an all-too-common problem for couples looking to complete their family, we chat with fertility nurse Samantha Costa at Eve Health about secondary infertility. READ MORE


5 Ways to help soothe your teething tot

Baby Teething

Teething can be a painful and uncomfortable experience for your baby. Luckily, there are easy ways to make this time less stressful for both parent and child. Here are five simple ways to help ease the pain of teething. READ MORE




Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Sometimes you need guidance. You can talk to a qualified Parentline counsellor about challenges you’re facing as a parent or about issues affecting your family. Whether it’s strategies for challenging behaviour, your relationship with your children, co-parenting guidance or mental health help, Parentline is here for you. No reason is too big or too small. This is a free, non-judgemental service.. … READ MORE


Talking with your baby is more important than you think!

Talking to Your Baby is Important

Though you might feel a little crazy talking to your baby bump, research now suggests babies begin to absorb language before they are born. During the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, babies are listening, learning and remembering the language they hear, tuning into the flow of language far earlier than originally thought. READ MORE


 6 Ways to help baby transition from breast to bottle

Transitioning from Breast to Bottle

It’s time for you to head back to work, and for baby to start spending a few days each week at your local early learning centre or with extended family.

It’s an exciting, worrying, and often emotional time, particularly for those families with a baby who refuses to take a bottle. A breastfed baby that refuses the bottle probably dislikes the foreign taste and feel of the bottle teat in their mouth. It makes the transition from breast to bottle overwhelming.

Here are some tips from the educators at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure to help with the transition from breast to bottle. READ MORE


 11 weird and wonderful facts about babies

Facts About Babies

Snuggly, wriggly and oh-so precious, babies are fascinating little bundles of joy. But did you know these weird and wonderful facts about babies? READ MORE

Top tips for your first day of childcare

Child's first day of child care

Whether it happens at 16 weeks or 16 months, your baby’s first day of child care is an emotional time. Despite the nerves, transitioning to this next stage of your child’s life is also a time to celebrate. READ MORE


When a child is born, so is a mother

Mother and Child

Let’s get real, this motherhood gig is not an easy one. And to make things harder, sadly in our society, pregnancy and motherhood are often represented in idealised ways. From glorious pregnancy photoshoots to Insta-ready newborns, the reality of baby life can be far removed from that initially imagined. READ MORE


Why these baby activities are crucial to your child’s development

Baby Activities

Babies brains are, quite simply, awesome. They are born ready to learn. In a baby’s first year, their brain will double in size with more than 1,000,000 new neural connections formed every second. But nature alone won’t stimulate this spectacular brain development. It’s the combination of genetics and the infant’s experiences that build the foundational structure of their brain, upon which all future learning depends. READ MORE


A simple look at introducing solids to your baby

Introducing Solid Food to Babies

Introducing solids helps your baby learn to eat and gives them the experience of new tastes and textures. This stage in your baby’s development can be fun, challenging and often messy. But when should you introduce your baby to solids? And how do you go about it? READ MORE


Sunshine Coast Libraries

Sunshine Coast Libraries

The first thing every new parent must get is a library membership (if you don’t already have one!) Your local library offers a range of interactive sessions and resources to aid in your child’s development during their first five years as part of the First 5 Forever Program including Rhymetime and Storytime. There is also a toy and music library. … READ MORE


Night-waking: 10 Reasons your baby wakes at night

Newborn Baby Crying in Crib

When you bring your newborn home, you expect to be awake a lot at night. After all, many people warn you about how tired you will be in those first few weeks. Once your baby is eight weeks old, you start to realise just how much of a toll night-waking takes. If you are lucky, your baby will begin to sleep through the night from a young age. But what many parents find is that even beyond newborn days, babies wake at night.

How many times is normal and why do babies wake at night? Here are 10 reasons your baby might be waking at night, in no particular order. READ MORE


The benefits of black and white books for babies

Black and White Baby Book

Ever wondered why baby books are often black and white? Although babies can see from birth, the world is still quite blurry to a newborn. The retina is not fully developed until nine months of age; a newborn can only see strong contrasts of dark and light. In fact, when babies are born, they see best at around 15-20 centimetres – roughly the distance they are held for feeding. READ MORE


Care for mum in the postpartum period

Mum and Newborn After Delivery

Following the birth of your baby the postpartum period begins. It is the most critical period of pregnancy for both Mum and Bub. From the immediate time following the birth and up to six months down the track there are many physical and emotional changes that take place. READ MORE








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