NEWS: Push to make physical education part of national curriculum

Do you think physical education should be part of the national curriculum?


NOTICEBOARD: St Andrew's recycling our Planet

Students at St Andrew’s Anglican College, Peregian Springs, have taken their sustainability endeavours global.


BOOKS: 14 great books for kids to curl with up this winter

When the temperatures drop, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book. Here's some great books for kids (and you!) to curl up with this winter.


EARLY LEARNING: Ensuring a smooth transition from Kindy to Prep

As you plan for the big step from Kindy to school, there's some simple things that can make it a smooth transition from Kindy to Prep.


NOTICEBOARD: Ascot State School - putting the A in STEAM

Ascot State School has put the A in STEAM this week, celebrating ART WEEK with a range of creative workshops.

Parenting Files

PARENTING: Imagination – should we set boundaries?

Does your child have a vivid imagination that lands them in ‘trouble’?


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What is the best education approach to prepare our kids for the modern world?


EDUCATION: Nature-inspired investigators at Sunshine Coast Grammar

We meet the nature-inspired investigators at Sunshine Coast Grammar School.


EDUCATION: A Glasser Quality School 
in Sunshine Beach

For over 24 years, Sunshine Beach State School has used William Glasser’s Choice Theory as the psychological base in their classroom. We chat to Principal Jenny Easey to find out more.


EDUCATION: The value of nursery rhymes

Spiders, plagues, babies falling from trees... despite the inappropriate content, nursery rhymes are an essential part of early literacy.


EDUCATION: The importance of the imagination and creativity

Creativity and imagination are as important as ABC. So how do we cultivate creativity in our little ones?


EDUCATION: Developing a 
growth mindset

'Growth mindset’ is a phrase increasingly being used at schools. 
But WHAT is it, and WHY is it so important?