Tips for a smooth start to school

Is your child starting kindergarten or school this year? Here are some great tips on how to ensure a smooth start.


Why a prep transition program really matters

A successful start to Prep is about more than the first day. 
We head over to Sunshine Coast Grammar School to discover how they ensure every student has the best start to ‘big school’.


BACK TO SCHOOL: Being Prep-ready

Do you have a preppie starting this year? Be totally Prep ready with these top tips from Sunshine Coast Grammar School


King's Christian College opens a new learning centre in Logan Village

January 2020 marks the opening of King’s Christian College’s new campus at Logan Village, bringing their proven education programs to Logan families.


Supporting a successful Step to Prep

A new school readiness service has opened on the Gold Coast, providing carefully curated classes to expose children to the many skills and concepts required for a smooth transition into their first...


Prep for Prep - how to ensure a smooth transition

Starting ‘big school’ is an exciting time for kids (and parents!). 
What can you do to ensure a smooth transition?


Starting kindy for the first time

January means many children are starting childcare or kindy for the first time.


Countdown to starting school

Is your little one starting 'big school' this year? King's Christian College shares some top tips on preparing for this new adventure.

Parenting Files

Teaching kids to be digital detectives

With Google and the Internet at their fingertips, how do we teach kids to be savvy digital detectives?


Cluey Learning - we review their maths tutoring for kids

Whether your child is struggling to keep up or needs extra stimulation, tutoring is something many parents consider. We put Cluey Learning to the test to see what their program is all about.


Reflecting on 
kindergarten and preparing for big school

Is your little one starting 'big school' this year? Here are a few tips from Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure to help prepare for the move.

Arts & Culture

Voices on the Coast Literature Festival 2020

Attracting 4,500 school students and offering over 115 talks and workshops, Voices on the Coast Literature Festival returns this February!